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WebDock | Hosting Made Easy

WebDock | Hosting Made Easy

WebDock is hands down the best ever Hosting Company and Service we have experienced so far.

TukuToi is hosting its own and clients websites Ince meanwhile 8 years and we have experienced many, good and bad, hosting services. WebDock is the best so far, the most economic, the most careful, an d the safest as well.

When we started in this business we did, as everyone else, want “cheap” hosting. We went to Hostgator which was fine until we wanted to open the Website more than once a day. At that point the cheap hosting was a waste of money. We upgraded to a small and private company in Canada, and where actually quite happy for several years with them, until their owner plain and simple, disappeared. We had to migrate all sites again and thought we’d be doing it right this time, went to SiteGround. It was cool the first months, probably until our “Money Back” guarantee expired. From there on stuff got slow, support replied with standard text-expander replies, and etc.

We migrated again, this time we researched literally 2 days long and read hundreds of reviews before making a decision. We chose a VPS Service without a single bad review: WebDock.

We’ve regretted only one thing so far after migrating to WebDock: not having migrated 8 years ago already.
Well, in our defence, the WebDock Service didn’t exist back then. The service is exceptional, very economic, reliable and even if it is a “half managed” VPS Solution there hasn’t been a question not answered or help refused as of yet by their very attentive support team.

We love particularly that the WebDock Service does not charge you a dime the first 24 hours of setting up a server. If you delete it, you won’t be charged at all (within the first 24 hours). If you delete it after 16 days, they’ll refund the remaining 14 days of service paid already (one pays a month in advance after the first 24 hours are over). This means you can not only test servers for free, you can also run them exactly as long you need them, without any lock in obligation at all.

They have several server centres – one in Europe and one in the USA which come with different tech specs and prices, both options have several sub-options where power, space and speed of the server will be determinable, all at a very reasonable and affordable price. Imagine, at SiteGround, a 25GB Server costs 25 USD monthly. It will be a shared server. On WebDock, 25GB on a VPS cost 4.99 USD a month, inclusive IPv6, with 2 GB RAM and a 1GBit/s Port. This stack is easily upgradeable, you can add SSD or IP addresses or RAM as you wish at very low additional prices.

Their stacks come by default with PHP 8, but you can load PHP 7.4 with the click of a button, and upgrade or downgrade between the stacks as you wish. Backups are automated, and you can set as well 3 additional (full) back-ups on your own.

It is hands down the best, cheapest and most qualitative (we can feel they take pride in their work) service we have used so far in the hosting business. Together with CloudFlare as a Domain Name Registrar and DNS Service, you can’t get cheaper and stay at the same power and quality at the same time, not even if signing up for reseller programs. Which WebDock of course also has in form of an affiliate program, which again is unique, read more about it here.

We at TukuToi can for once warmly recommend this service. It is tricky when recommending third party SaaS and Hosting services as those can change any day and at any time, it is not like when we work with a Plugin and can warmly suggest a plugin, because those do not change so fast. However, with WebDock we really feel this service will be a real winner as well in the times to come. Just read their TrustPilot reviews, and compare it to other services in the branche.

You might say “Sounds all great but VPS and administrating my own servers isn’t for me”. Well, think again. We at TukuToi are also no Server experts. Wait, where no experts. With the help of WebDock support and their very detailed documentation, we have enabled ourselves to manage our own stuff – from zero. We are PHP developers and designers, writers and creators, not Server Gurus. However with WebDock, we surely feel like we are. And we are not alone with this, TrustPilot reviews and other voices state the same, and are impressed by how easy WebDock made server administration tasks.

WebDock Rocks. We can even align with their pricing policy without feeling bad. Remember that TukuToi aims to an open source code and knowledge base, with a “Pay what You Can and Get what You Need” policy? Well, with WebDock as a Hosting partner we surely can extend this philosophy to the cloud. Other providers will rip you off for a managed, shared hosting, however stored on way less advanced tech and with either no or very poor support, even if you opt for other VPS services, you will have a hard time to find the same quality for this price.

We can offer a 5€ Discount as well, if you use TukuToi as a coupon code when purchasing any server space at
And remember, you don’t actually pay a dime until 24 hours are passed, and get full refund any time of any not yet used resource/time.