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Augmented Reality and Impacts on Society

Written By Hira Arshad on April 26, 2022 at 6:22 pm
Augmented reality was first developed in the 1970s for video games and since then it has given life to virtual developments. Studies reveal that Augmented Reality mobile users were around 200 million in 2015. In 2023, this number will grow to 2.4 billion users worldwide. It is all about promoting visual impacts, sensory information, auditory information, and enhancing user experience. In other words, augmented reality is something that separates virtual space and reality. It makes the viewers believe that whatever you perceive is closer to reality. Whether it’s video games, AR display at malls, airports, educational institutes, Meta-verse, or businesses, our future generation seems more inspired by augmented reality. Artificial intelligence is taking over the world and it has enhanced the standards of living with technological effects. With the help of digital units and components, you will see the perceived real-world turning into reality.  

How does Augmented Reality work?

AR uses projectors to present their unique content for screening purposes. They do not use normal projectors to display their content. They use three-dimensional projections which are designed to upgrade our perceived realities. They come up with unique and customized shapes, vibrancy, and forms. Augmented reality AR is specially designed to display moving pictures, and videos with the help of projectors and pre-recorded tools. AR is not only related to technology, but it helps define how we can live a better life in the era of technological advancement. It brings your imaginations into reality with enhanced user experiences and humanity.


This is indeed a powerful tool for visualization that turns your concept or any kind of object into reality. It makes your concepts inaccessible that you think in the real world and turns invisible concepts into visible ones. Previously, in 2013 Augmented Reality was displayed in Bahrain by National Geographic at Seef Mall to attract a crowd and showcase this amazing freedom of user experience.


AR and annotation together help with task completion. It provides a completely new environment to navigate and presents a real-time experience for users.

How does Augmented Reality help in malls?

Augmented Reality installed in a mall will bring more ease to the customers visiting.
  • With the help of augmented reality, malls can project maps for their customers and provide better output in reality.
  • Installing AR systems for online catalogs for retail outlets in the mall helps customers get a better view of products.
  • Public places like malls are the best platform to implement and display AR effectively. Thousands of people can witness the reality-altering concept and see what Augmented Reality is capable of doing in the outside world.

Augmented Reality in Business

Augmented reality has the power to revolutionize business according to tech analysts and visionaries. It means that AR holds innovative ideas to modify and change business trends and the way we handle industries. You will find different businesses effectively interacting with their customers and enhancing user experience. This will boost company profit and revenue shortly. Studies show that Augmented Reality AR act as an economic driver for the technology industry. Researches show that 2020 was the year of AR when it was valued at $17.67 billion. By the end of the year 2028, forecasts state that it will have an annual growth rate of 43.8%.

Augmented Reality in Games

Augmented reality games

Augmented reality games

When Augmented Reality comes into discussion, the things that come up in our mind are video games like Pokémon Go, Zombies Run, Harry Potter, etc. AR gaming is all about integrating audio content and game visuals in real-time for an enhanced user experience. You will be amazed to know that Augmented Reality utilizes the existing environment for the users to create a playing field for the gamers. Whereas, Virtual Reality gaming experience requires a separate room or confined area to give users their favorite field to play around. You can play AR games on smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. AR takes the environment from your surroundings to create a scenery for the game players. You will be playing in-game characters to climb from small to big barriers like sofas, coffee tables, and bridges.

Augmented Reality in Education 

Augmented reality education

Augmented reality education

In education, Augmented Reality help students to learn and understand their surroundings better. AR tech is now used in the classrooms to provide students with practical knowledge and understanding of subjects like astronomy, maths, science, music, and other subjects. AR has revolutionized the education and eLearning applications. This extraordinary and interactive manner to deliver quality education help students to learn and memorize information fast. Students have a memory to remember visuals easily. AR apps like Dinosaur 4D+ and Element 4D are good examples to bring exciting changes to the educational system. Augmented Reality engages students to learn by capturing pictures and objects from the environment. eLearning applications with AR assistance present these pictures and objects on the screen and play 3D images to interact with students. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of AR technology in education:
  • A fast and effective learning system
  • You can access material for learning anytime and anywhere
  • Augmented learning brings a practical learning system
  • It not only engages them but also brings a positive attitude related to their interest

Augmented Reality Metaverse

Metaverse is like a 3D model of the internet which combines virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR. It is a place that is parallel to the physical world to spend digital life. It is a persistent and immersive combination of the real world and the world you want to see.

How Augmented Reality is going to change the world?

Besides the above-mentioned fields, AR has the potential to transform government services and improve military tactics for defense against enemies in war. Moreover, AR help doctors to interact with their clients incredibly. AR apps help health care providers with surgeries, diagnoses, and treatment plans in real-time. You cannot deny the fact that AR will soon become an engaging tool for the future. You will get a clearest and well-defined image of whatever you want to see with AR. There is also a chance that in the coming 10 to 20 years, AR will become a normal part of new generation life like smartphones.
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