Ehsan Ul Haq

Post How To Make A WordPress Website More Secure?

The most common query I come across every day is β€œ how can I make my WordPress website more secure? Or β€œ how can I protect my WordPress site”?  Yes, you can make your website secure with little tips and tricks. As Google penalizes many pages daily …

Post Difference Between PHP And WordPress- Which One You Should Choose?

Being a developer makes me feel amazing when my clients ask me why we use the fully custom site when WordPress is ready to use themes? What is the difference between PHP and WordPress sites, although WordPress is PHP-based too? This I think made me com …

Post Top Free Themes Of WordPress For Your Blog In 2022

Nothing is free in this world, everything comes with a cost. And if you are looking for anything that doesn’t cost you a penny then you may have to compromise on a few things. Having said that, today I am going to recommend you top 5 free WordPress the …