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Best AI Chatbots for Websites to make Life Easier

Written By Hira Arshad on September 8, 2021 at 11:11 am
Have you ever landed on a site and see a chat window popping up? Yeah! That is what bots do. They are ready to have a chitchat with you to solve any issue at your end or help you place an order. Most of the big companies like Starbucks have now incorporated AI bots to respond to their customers. AI chatbots have made things easier as they communicate with customers intelligently and smartly market their products. These bots interact with people like humans. Moreover, these bots tell them about new deals, total cost, discounts and delivery time etc. Machines like chatbots engage in conversation with humans in the form of audio or text. Artificial Intelligence chatbots are advanced versions of bots, which interpret the intent of humans and communicate with them smartly. They use natural language processing and machine learning to understand and interact with humans. AI bots have transformed customer service and enhanced user experience. When we talk about chatbots, we talk about the future of innovation and technology. However, AI chatbots give you a more human-like experience when compared to ordinary chatbots. Nowadays, most brands use AI chatbots to communicate with customers and effectively market their products.

Top AI Chatbots for your Business

If you are looking for AI chatbots to improve user experience and increase conversions, this is the right platform to build your customized bots.


With these website chatbots, you can give your business a boost easily without using any code. If you have a slow business and it takes time to respond to your customer’s queries, you may lose them to your competitors. Meanwhile, AI bots save your time and resolve around 80% of your customers’ issues by replying to them instantly. With Messenger bots, Chatfuel helps you win more clients like Lego, TechCrunch, and T-Mobile. It can be possible at a low cost and in less time. You can create your first bot for your business with Chatfuel in just three minutes. All you have to use is a drag and drop interface. You can serve as an event assistant, personal avatar or customer service advisor. Try Now


If you want to grow your business ROI and revenue by marketing through Facebook Messenger, ManyChat is here to help. In a minute, you can build your bot with ManyChat and initiate a two-way conversation on platforms like Instagram Direct Messages, SMS and Facebook Messenger. What you will experience is a simple drag and drop visual interface without any coding. You can keep your conversation going and engage with your customers through sending newsletters, coupons, promotions by emails and SMS. It also offers you to connect with tools like Shopify, HubSpot. Ultimately, it gives your business a boost by attracting more Messenger audiences. More than 1 Million businesses are using this platform to build bots for marketing purposes. Try Now


With FreshChat, you can build AI bots for your WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Line, Facebook Messenger, mobile app and web. It simply assists you in proactive customer support and effective services. It saves your money by choosing less costly methods to communicate with them. This AI chatbot is built once and engages customers by answering their questions and solving their queries. It is not just an ordinary live chat, but this automated AI bot carry out conversations with customers beyond messaging apps and devices. FreshChat promises to deliver high-quality emails and other information to customers on scheduled time. With the help of Neo, this AI bot provides customers support to automated conversations and workflows. Other features include live profiles, customers’ history, and customized bots. Try Now


Intercom uses machine-learning technology by extracting customers’ information and data from browsers and use it for enhanced interaction. This chatbot uses artificial intelligence to read customers behaviour, understands it and utilize it for better user interaction. This tool offers live chat, chatbots, emails, messages, and help build a better relationship with customers. You can engage with them truly when you know what they like and what they do not. In addition, this requires you to know what is going inside your head by exploring and watching over their activities, attributes and behaviour. You can grow your business in your unique way by customizing bots and personalize them likewise. Intercom also comes up with services like Google Analytics, email marketing, and CRM. Try Now


This platform uses OmniChat technology to create bots without using any code. MobileMonkey offers a multi-platform chatbot, a unified chat inbox and helps communicate with customers instantly. Marketers can now build Facebook ad bots, web chatbots and SMS bots on this single platform. You can create separate bots for your different means of communication using tools. On the other hand, you can also build a single bot and use it across different platforms. MobileMonkey saves your time and provides 24/7 customer support by creating an automated reply to Instagram DMs. This bot builder is not only easy to use but also provides customers with an amazing conversational experience. Try Now


Tars offer you to use their pre-built chatbot templates or you can build your bots from scratch. This platform assists many marketing and customer services teams to grow their business. It optimizes their chatbots, making them mobile user friendly and engaging. In this way, the conversion rate increases up to 50% with a higher ROI and you get more return than investment. Even if your agents are away, chatbots can handle your customers well and solve their queries immediately. AI bots can automate around 80% of your calls and they are available 24/7. Try Now


Here comes another fast and handy AI chatbot Tawk, which answer customers’ queries, related to products and services. This is a single platform where you can interact with all your customers. Tawk supports around 45 languages along with unlimited agents, tracking, history, detailed reporting, screen sharing, automated translation, visitor information etc. Bots can use over 1880 emoji’s to interact better with customers. If you want a reliable and scalable chat for your visitors, then Tawk is a good catch. Try Now


If you want to experience something exceptional with live chat, bots, and integrations, then SnapEngage is the right choice. Its Omnichannel comes up with Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SMS-to-Chat and Tweet-to-Chat options to help engage with the users efficiently. Apart from this, SnapEngage Chat features are designed intelligently to offer Answer bot, Guide bot, Bot API, and Info-Capture bot. This platform believes in more conversion and eventually amplifies your sales. SnapEngage has mastered the art of engaging with customers, satisfying and retaining them and reducing the cost per interaction simultaneously. Other services include custom design, HealthCare facility HIPAA Compliance, reporting and analytics, and security and privacy. Try Now


This platform help automate your customer service with AI. Aivo has handled more than 150 million conversations and over 250 million customers. It builds bots for the organization of all sizes powered by AI. Aivo deals with your customers like humans through digital channels and automates, chat and solve their queries instantly. AgentBot makes an important talk with your customers. Using AI technology, interpret and understand their language, issues, and behaviour to interact with them accordingly. The Omnichannel live chat of Aivo powered by AI also provides efficient services. Aivo is specifically designed to understand different channels and respond to them automatically. Moreover, it also integrates other tools like Zendesk and Genesys chatbots. Try Now


Do you want your brand to stand out? ItsAlive chatbots connect you with the audience and drive traffic from Facebook Messenger. This AI tool helps answer customers’ queries directly without any distraction. ItsAlive not only have automated FAQs ready but it also engages visitors with humans, when required. The chatbots are so smart that they pick keywords and phrases from past conversations and respond to them in the best possible manner. The best thing about ItsAlive is that non-tech users can also use their chatbots and add value to their business. This platform is equally effective for brands, influencers, media entities, agencies and startups. It offers you a fast, better and stronger bot that has been used by more than 100 countries. Try Now You can incorporate the above-mentioned recommended AI chatbots in your brand building and boost your business by driving more traffic. Besides these AI bots, you can also try Botsify, Live Chat, Imperson, Zendesk, PureChat, JivoChat, and many more.
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