Do You Need Help or Expertise?

Is editing Source Code not Your Thing? Are you in a tight Time Schedule and need to deliver a fully scalable and safe solution fast to your Clients?

Maybe you want to incorporate the Software found on TukuToi unbranded and royalty free in your Clients Projects after customizing it as per your Projects requirements?

Or eventually you need some training on any WordPress Plugin, Theme or their creation and maintenance?

Display your WordPress menus anywhere on your website with a ShortCode, populating the Bootstrap Navigation elements dynamically with Menu Items.

The Send Email If Plugin can be used to conditionally send Emails to predefined users in a WordPress Install.
The Emails will hold data of the logged in User who triggered the email.

By default the Plugin works on native WordPress posts only.

A complete overview of the Send Email If Plugin and its usage is included in the Document, to which developers can refer in order to customize the Plugin at gusto.

Speed up your WordPress Website in less than 5 minutes. Achieve A Scores on GT-metrix, by simply not loading all the scripts and styles usually pushed on each and every page of your Website.

TukuToi FasterPress is WordPress on Speed – both fast and skinny. TukuToi FasterPress Plugin also is a great help to remove Toolset Scripts and Styles were not required, which is something often requested by Toolset Developers and Webmasters.

Quickly prepare a Theme to allow full site editing in the WordPress Backend using TukuToi Blocks Templates.

Any theme can be prepared to allow full site editing, however it is recommended to create a full custom theme or use Minima X. This is because all our styling and templating that traditionally was left to the Theme is now left to Gutenberg blocks, using TukuToi Blocks Templates

How to create TukuToi Blocks Templates for Full Site Editing with WordPress Gutenberg Blocks or any other Blocks Plugin. Using Tukutoi Blocks Templates you will design header, footer, sidebar and content area all in the WordPress Backend. You can re-use the designs as well in any other install, given the Blocks Providers used are installed.

ShortCode of the WordPress D3 Globe Plugin to display a single interactive SVG map of specific countries.

Simple, quick and reliable service to generate Favicons which look great on all kind of devices and browsers. Including short instruction on how to implement the generated Favicons in a WordPress powered Website.

Definition ofToolWine Plugins

ToolWine Plugins are AddOn Plugins requiring Toolset as a dependency. Toolset is a suite of Plugins made by OnTheGoSystems, ToolWine Plugins are made by TukuToi, to enhance Toolset’s features or build new features taking advantage of Toolset’s universe of possibilities.

ToolWine are free plugins and only subject to as much support and development as a public but rather small GitHub Project can receive, that is managed by one person in time off work.

Install ToolWine SEO Plugin like any other plugin and populate your posts by populating the SEO Keywords and SEO Description Fields in the post editors with quality Meta Keywords and Meta Description. Other Metadata like author, date and more are added directly by ToolWine SEO Plugin to your site’s source code, so Search Engines can find and index it.

Integrate Toolset Layouts the advanced way, allowing you to control the entire site from header to footer using Toolset Layouts.

Using the WPDDL_VERSION Constant and the is_ddlayout_assigned() method we can create a dynamic PHP WordPress index.php Theme Template that lets you design everything from the header to the footer with Toolset Layouts.

These designs are output using the the_ddlayout() method.