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Configure TukuToi FasterPress For Optimal Performance Results

TukuToi FasterPress Plugin not only helps scoring better on GT-metrix but also and more importantly it improves the felt speed of a WordPress Website.

To set up TukuToi FasterPress properly, please refer to below details.

  1. The Plugin improves your WordPress Website Performance by removing unnecessary scripts and styles from the source.
  2. In order for TukuToi FasterPress to remove any scripts and styles, you will need to manually add the style “names” in the Settings of TukuToi FasterPress Plugin. See below examples for more details
  3. The Plugin will exclude the defined styles and scripts everywhere on the Website. Obviously some of the scripts and styles will be required to power up certain features on the Website that live on single pages or post only. In order to bring back the scripts on those locations, TukuToi FasterPress Plugin offers adequate settings, where you can add the ID of the pages or posts and slugs of Archives where you will want the scripts and styles added back to the site.

For example, when using Toolset Plugins (with Layouts) you’ll have a bloat of scripts added everywhere to your website. Those scripts are however only necessary if you do indeed show an AJAX powered View on the page, as an example. In this case, you’d set up TukuToi FasterPress Plugin Settings as follows:
All styles to remove: menu-cells-front-end,toolset_blocks-style-css,toolset-common,toolset-common-es,toolset-notifications-css,views-pagination-style,dashicons,toolset-select2-css
All scripts to remove: ddl-layouts-frontend,ddl-tabs-scripts,wptoolset-forms,toolset-common,toolset-common-es-masonry,views-blocks-frontend,views-pagination-script,wp_ddl_layout_fe_js

Now, in our example we will use an AJAX View on one archive (doc). Hence, the settings should be:
Archives to exclude from optimization (Post or tax type slug): doc

If I also wanted to have a Layouts Tab on a page My Page with ID 54, then I’d have to amend TukuToi FasterPress Plugin’s settings as follows:
Pages or Posts or else single objects to exclude (Numeric ID): 54

Now my Website will run fast, perform with an A Score instead of a B or C score on GT-metrix, and still every feature will work as I expect it to.