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How To

Create SEO Content with ToolWine SEO Plugin

The below steps outline the possibilities and workflows of the ToolWine SEO Plugin to create quality SEO Meta Content.
You won’t have to worry about coding or installing heavy-wight Plugins or Themes handling SEO. Toolset Types is required as in all ToolWine Plugins

  • Install the plugin like any other WordPress Plugin in your Website
  • Activate Toolset Types and ToolWine SEO Plugins
  • At this point, you can already find the Custom Fields created by ToolWine SEO in Toolset → Custom Fields. You should not edit them unless you know what you do.

The Field Group under Types Control

  • Once confirmed the Custom Fields where created, you can add the SEO Meta Descriptions and Keywords when editing your content

Add SEO Meta Data to your content

  • To add MetaData (Descriptions) to Terms, you can use the WordPress native Term Descriptions. TukuToi SEO will automatically use this data to populate the Archives meta information
  • For Custom Post Types created with Toolset ToolWine SEO will use the Post Type description as the SEO Description content, if available
  • For Author Archives, it uses the native WordPress field “Biographical Info”
  • ToolWine SEO also takes care of the Author Meta Tag without any further interaction required, using the author of the post as set by WordPress, and the Title Tag, using the Titles of your Posts.
  • On Archives, generally, the main User is used, and the Archive Title – which might include the string Archive, depending on your install.

Conclusion and some Tipps

As you can see the only you have to worry about is writing quality content.

Use some tool like this, to extract the best Keywords, and add them to the Field provided for. Try to keep your keywords under 10% of the total amount of words of the actual post. So if your post is 100 words long, the keywords may be up to 10.
There is a good read here and here

For the Description, try to create Descriptions using in-between 50–160 characters. There’s a read here.


Meta tags are overvalued. Google and other search engines almost won’t care but also not ignore them.
It is also nice to have for the sake of looks and human readability.
For example google generates the “cards” in a search your site appears in, using these tags.

Finally, SEO Tags are an excellent method to organize your content better, focus it and produce even better content by trying to find the perfect Keywords, Description and Content match.