How To

Create Layouts with TukuToi Gutenberg Layouts

With TukuToi Gutenberg Layouts you can create Layouts inclusive Headers, Footers, Sidebars and Main Content – all using Gutenberg Blocks (and any other Blocks Plugin).

The Layouts are created like you create any Post and then connected with each other in the backend. Special Theme integration is required to completely substitute the Theme’s Templates with your new Custom Gutenberg Layouts made with TukuToi Gutenberg Layouts.

In order to create your first Layout install and activate TukuToi Gutenberg Layouts, then create a new Layout in the menu Dashboard → TukuToi → Layouts.

When done editing, find the TukuToi Gutenberg Layouts Settings in the TukuToi Gutenberg Layouts Block Inspector Sidebar. There you’ll be able to set name and type of the Layout Part you just designed, along with set further detailed settings for assignments, and more.

In case you can’t find the TukuToi Gutenberg Layouts Block Inspector Sidebar menu it might be you unpinned it from the Sidebar. In that case, just re-pin it after you activated it in the “More” section → Plugins in the Block Inspector Sidebar sidebar.