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FilterModify WP Grid Builder Facet HTML – add a title tag

Custom Code to customise WP Grid Builder Facet HTML

In this filter we have access to the WP Grid Builder Facet HTML. It allows to perform simple str_replace() operations, or more complex actions, for example, adding a title tag to each facet, so on hover of the facet we can see the current Facet Option data

In this example, it is a Taxonomy facet and we want to display the description of the term as a title.

The Taxonomy is “Our Custom Taxonomy” and facet ID is 2 in the example.

We use the helper function tkt_get_contents to get the several occurrences of the strings to replace.

add_filter( 'wp_grid_builder/facet/html', 'tkt_facet_html', 10, 2 );

function tkt_facet_html( $html, $facet_id ) {

	$taxonomy 	= 'our-custom-taxonomy-slug';
	$start		= '';//if checkbox, analyse HTML to be sure
	$end 		= ' ';//Usually there is a empty space at the end of label, check HTML to be sure

	if ( 2 === (int)$facet_id ) {
		$term_names 	= tkt_get_contents($html, $start, $end);

		foreach($term_names as $term_name){
			$term   	= get_term_by( 'name', $term_name, $taxonomy);
			$term_desc 	= trim( strip_tags ( term_description( $term->term_id ) ) );
			$html 	   	= str_replace( $start . $term_name . $end, '' . $term_name . $end, $html );
	return $html;