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This ShortCode is one of two ShortCodes of the WordPress D3 Globe Plugin

The ShortCode helps to display a single country with active and inactive regions as defined in the ShortCode attributes. The regions colour and behaviour on hover/click can be customized using ShortCode attributes too.


  • countrymixed [Country Code] (see cheatsheet)
  • active_areasmixed [Area Code]
  • active_areas_cssValid CSS (syntax fill:red;)
  • active_areas_hover_cssValid CSS (syntax fill:red;)
  • active_areas_linkboolean [wether to create area link or not]
  • country_cssValid CSS (syntax fill:red;)


[svg_single_country country="116" active_areas="KH-7,KH-18,KH-13,KH-25" country_css="fill:rgba(80, 47, 19, 0.8);" active_areas_css="fill:rgba(30, 130, 76, 0.8);" active_areas_hover_css="fill:green" active_areas_link="false" borders_color="black"]