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The tkt_mtn_template_path filter allows you to load your own 100% Custom PHP Template used to render the Maintenance Mode Screen with the TukuToi Maintenance Plugin.

The filter of course works both when using the TukuToi Maintenance Plugin in ClassicPress or Wordpress. The Plugin Settings can still be used, even if you use a Custom PHP template.


  • $template_path – string [The path to your Custom Template]


add_filter( 'tkt_mtn_template_path', 'load_my_custom_maintenance_template' );
function load_my_custom_maintenance_template($template_path){     
  $template_path = get_template_directory() .'/path/to/your/custm_template.php';//Load your own template path.     
  return $template_path;

To craft a functional Template, have a look at the Plugin’s own template (you may copy it and then modify it) located at tkt-maintenance/public/partials/tkt-maintenance-public-display.php