You can use the filter tkt_sei_notification_content in order to customize the “Body” of the Email sent by the TukuToi Send Email If Plugin.
You just need to return a valid Email “Body” (string or html with inline CSS) in the callback function.
The Filter passes 3 additional arguments for your convenience.


  • $default_message – string [The Email Body Content]
  • $post – object [The Post Object of the post visited]
  • $current_user – object [The User Object of the User who visited the post. 0 if guest]
  • $receiver_email – string [The Email of the Receiver as saved in the Post]


add_filter('tkt_sei_notification_content', 'my_custom_notification_content', 10, 4);
function my_custom_notification_content($default_message, $post, $current_user, $receiver_email){
  //$post is the Post Object of the post which was visited
  //$current_user is the User Object of the user who visited the post. Might be empty, if guest user. 
  //$receiver_email is the email stored to the post visited (the email that will get the notification). 
  $default_message = 'My new Custom Notification Content with <strong>valid HTML</strong>'; 
  return $default_message;