This ShortCode is part of the ToolWine ShortCodes Plugin. Download and Install the ToolWine ShortCodes Plugin to use it. Note that the Plugin requires Toolset Types and Views (or Blocks) installed and active.

The [tws_get_lang] ShortCode can be used to get the current language of a post, and output either the language code, name or any of the array keys specified for it

It is great to use to conditionally check the language of a post, but also to display a custom information about the language or data related to it.


  • idint [post id]
  • partstring [any value as specified]


//Display the Text Direction of the current language of post 116
[tws_get_lang id="116" part="text_direction" ]
//Display the language name
[tws_get_lang id="116" part="display_name" ]
//Display the language code (very useful in WPV Conditionals)
[tws_get_lang id="116" part="language_code" ]