How To

Design Theme Templates With Toolset Layouts And Toolset Blocks

Who wouldn’t want it: control over your entire Theme Template, inclusive header, footer, sidebars using a simple Drag’n’Drop to quickly design the Layout of the Templates using Toolset Layouts, and design the Contents of each Layout section using the new Gutenberg Blocks Editor, together with Toolset Blocks?

Add Header, Footer, Sidebars that you can re-use in your Theme Templates as complex Bootstrap Responsive Layouts using Cells. Design the Cells contents with Gutenberg and other Blocks Plugins.

For Example, You can insert a Content Template Cell in a Layout, and design that Content Template with Toolset Blocks and Gutenberg. Assign the Content Template temporarily to a Post Type to use the Dynamic Input Features of Toolset Blocks.

Similarly for Archives, you can design the entire Archive with Blocks. To avoid conflicts, first create the Archive in Toolet -> WordPress Archives using the classic editor, then insert that new archive to a Layout which you assign to your Archive Template.

Then, head back to the WordPress Archive and start editing (the whole archive) with Toolset Blocks. You’ll only touch your Layout again if you need to change the Template Layout, but for the design in the Archive Loop, inclusive search, you’ll use the Block Editor.

This allows you to granularly design every bit of your website literally in minutes and re-use it wherever you want.

You will not experience conflicts because everything is one Plugin, but you will need a special theme setup for this to work. Minima X1 is the best and most lightweight choice!