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Impact of Tech on Our Lives – Advantages and Disadvantages

Written By Ehsan Ul Haq on February 24, 2022 at 6:29 pm
Technology has evolved at a breakneck pace during the past several years. Cellphones, the online, cloud services, and plenty of other innovations are impacting daily lives in profound ways. Technology has an effect on the way people communicate, develop, and perceive. It contributes to society and influences how humans communicate on a constant basis. The thing is in the present time, technology occupies a vital role. But, tech holds both favorable and unfavorable aspects, as well as a significant impact on people’s lives. We inhabit an era when advanced technologies are common. In any workplace, the goal of tech is to transform how we connect with each other in a better way. It influences human behavior in a variety of fields, including communication, religion, health, education, and more. In this article, let’s cover the good and bad impacts of tech on community/religion/humans in general and our lives:

Influence of Tech on Humans in General and Our Lives:

The sole purpose for the Invention of technology was to fulfill humankind’s requirements hence it is not wrong to say necessity is the mother of invention. Tech impacted our lives and actions in general. Consequently, it leads us to new ideologies. Technology manifests a great impact on today’s world. Tech has simplified life, but it has done it in such a way that it could end up losing its allure in the future. Technology is the primary factor that affects everyone in several areas of life including jobs, economy, crime, etc. Although it does have numerous benefits, in the same way you may find some disadvantages of getting used to technology.

Beneficial aspects of technology on humans and our lives

  • Solar power: Solar power is the most beneficial and newest invention of technology. Solar power technology offers contamination-free environments. This works by generating electrical energy through solar energy so that street lights, automobiles, home appliances, and other electrical devices function properly. Moreover, it has a huge impact on urban areas as people often can not afford electrical supplies.
  • Online shopping: The adoption of modern technology has made the exchange of goods and services a lot easier. Also, people can simply purchase and promote their things via the internet. There are various digital platforms and programs that offer online trading and purchasing solutions.
  • Entertainment: Technology aids in the entertainment industry. Regarding entertainment, there are numerous modern technical instruments. These include Video games, Games on the computer, Tablets, Cell phones, Virtual reality headsets, And there are plenty more. The majority of these technologies are designed for amusement. People used these devices to pass their time in leisure

 Unfavorable aspects of technology on human lives

  • Dependence on Tech: Technology is giving rise to negative impacts on human lives in the sense of addiction. People are now becoming completely reliant on technology. If we remove all of the modern machinery and gadgets, individuals will be unable to function correctly. As they’re all technology-driven, every individual has lost their creativity as well as their health. Overuse of technology makes people lethargic, and it also diminishes the significance of individual employees.
  • Pollution Hazards: Industries and automobiles emit a variety of hazardous gases that damage our atmosphere’s air, resulting in a variety of illnesses that can be fatal. Many individuals and life forms are affected by oxygen shortages and other conditions related to air pollution.

Influence of Tech on Community

Knowledge is one facet of technology that significantly impacts society. Learning has become more engaging and social, allowing individuals to improve communication with others and learn about distinctive subjects. It moreover facilitates you with inventiveness. The advent of technology allows you with the accessibility to information throughout day and night, and you can find practically everything available on the internet.

Beneficial aspects of technology on community

  • Better Education: Due to the tech developments education has become more interesting and accessible. It also helps students to finish their work more quickly. Students can learn by taking part in online quizzes and assessments more readily, and lecturers can conduct greater engaging online courses. It also exceeds the classroom’s norms, enabling self-learning.
  • Enhanced Communications: Other than that, technology has had an impact on society in the case of communication. The way people converse and interact with each other all around the world. Countless innovative digital communication methodologies have been developed as a consequence of technological advancement. You can send mails to your allies, make friends in online communities, video call with your families, and participate in video conferences.
  • Improved Healthcare: Moreover, technology innovations in the field of health assist in protecting the community and ensuring healthier life. There are numerous innovative phone applications that help individuals to keep track of their diet, calorie consumption, vital signs, and other health parameters every day. There is enhanced availability to medication, a revolution in medicine which further includes treatment for the aged, and also hospitals now utilize modern technology in their operating rooms.

Unfavorable aspect of technology on community

  • Distance and Health Issues: Cellular techniques can reduce individual interactions and relationships. This may result in less self-awareness due to constant interaction with people. Physical and mental health get upset by technology nowadays. People are becoming inactive, mentally depressed; continue to have sleep disturbances due to increasing inventions in technology.
  • Hazards in Society: Furthermore, smartphones can distract you from your studies. Also, there isn’t any privacy in online social life. Technology, as well as humans, has an impact on our environment. Pollutants are steadily rising as a result of automobiles and industry, resulting in global warming and other environmental issues.

Influence of Tech on Religion

Religious alliances ought to accept modern technology gradually. More individuals have become literate as a result of the printing and interpretation of religious books into other languages. People are learning and comprehending the texts by themselves, instead of relying on the religious leaders to translate for them like previously. Religion can be benefited from technology in the following ways.

Beneficial Aspects of Technology on Religion

  • Authorized Apps: Individuals are benefited by using mobile devices to access the holy book and other sacred books, such as the Koran. Several religious authorities utilize apps like these to deliver sermons.
  • Generic platform: Introducing yourself to social media provides a quick way from which you can assist your religious community in a number of ways. This is a place where individuals can grow in their faith by expressing ideas and knowledge and debating religious issues. Also, you get prayer reminder apps for being punctual to your devotion.
  • Cutting-edge Advantages: The enhanced technologies also provide leading-edge benefits, such as new ways for religious organizations to connect out to the general public through various television channels.

Unfavorable aspects of  technology on religion

Distracted Faith: Throughout sermons, several people in the crowd are preoccupied with their cellphones, conversing on social media, and so are inattentive to the speaker addressing them. Unlawful Beliefs: People using technology can misinterpret certain beliefs. This in turn leads individuals to establish judgments about the value and importance of a situation that all community members agree on.


To summarize, we discussed the benefits and drawbacks of developed technology on community, religion, humans in general, and our lives. All of these factors have an influence on how individuals behave nowadays. Technological breakthroughs lead to making our life simpler. In this modern world, human behavior is determined by technological adaptations. It all relies on the individuals and how they use technology. If you misuse technology, the consequences will be disastrous for you. And it will be beneficial to you if you minimize your use of technology and are conscious of the negative impacts of technology on society.
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