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Impacts of Technology on Human Life

Written By Hira Arshad on February 8, 2022 at 3:55 pm
Since the advancement of technology, it has influenced every core of human life. During the last decade, we have seen a rise in technology consumption. It has taken over the world like a tsunami in the last few centuries. All the technology innovation begins with basic human necessities and a motive to remove hurdles in their lifestyle. To end differences in location and generations, reduce communication difficulties and minimize the workload, we are now technology bound. A wise man once said,

“Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master.” Christian Louis Lange

Technology has been serving humans from the beginning to make their life easier and hassle-free. Somehow, we are trapped in our technology shell to make things smooth. Our lives now cannot imagine a day without it. Can you imagine a day without your cellphone? It is the first thing we check in the morning after the alarm goes off and probably the last thing we keep aside at night. In this rat race of innovation, we have lost real connection with the world outside devices.

Positive Impacts

Let’s discuss the positive impacts of technology on human life during the last decade. We cannot deny the fact how comfortable, fast, safe and healthy a human feels with many inventions.
technology impacts

technology impacts

Human Life shift from Manual work to Automation

The 2000s is the beginning of technology breakthroughs when more applications are created to make human life easier. Whatever we need is now just a click away. If you want to order food, download the best food providing service app and just order your meal. If you love buying clothes online, place an order from the relevant page or app and get your parcel in a week or less. According to the latest reports, there are around 7.94 billion mobile devices connected in the world. In 2020, users downloaded around 142.9 billion apps and games. With such massive use of cell phones, human life has shifted towards automation from manual work. You would prefer to use a mobile calculator instead of an actual calculator if you want to calculate something. The mobile notes and word files now replace paperwork. You take a screenshot in nanoseconds and send it to someone living overseas. You can communicate with your favourite person sitting miles away and feel like it’s real. This technology solution is no less than magic in our boring lives.


Technology has influenced the education sector like a pro. We can take online classes free if we need help with our subject. Now we do not need to open a dictionary to search for the meaning of any word. We can just use the Google search engine to find out the meaning. Most of our research work can now be possible online. Internet is such a blessing in our academic life that we cannot deny it.

Healthcare and Technology Advancements

With the evolved medical technology, deteriorated human health has improved and it has saved many lives. Now it is easy for doctors to diagnose disease more efficiently and quickly. Gone are the times, when doctors take months to find out the actual cause of illness. You can now use a mobile phone to contact your specialist and ask for medication while sitting at home. In case of emergency, medicine has upgraded its equipment to provide immediate first aid. Surgeries have become more advanced with the latest medical innovations and the risk of after-effects of operation has been minimized. Laser-based surgeries are done more often in comparison to regular surgical tool surgeries. Over time, there are more inventions and vaccine creations to fight against lethal diseases and increase human life span.


Now travelling from one place to another has become so easy and fast. Motorbikes, Cars, trains, buses and aircraft have reduced long distances. New technology has made travelling more comfortable for humans. People can travel by ship to witness the beautiful landscapes and reach their destination in a short time. There are more inventions in the field of space as well. Now it is possible to visit and study space with the invention of rockets, satellites and spacecraft and discover new worlds.

Give your Business a Boost

Technology has made business dealings and communication easy, fast, cost-effective and reliable. A company cannot survive without incorporating the latest technologies and updated software in a business meeting. Marketing agencies, trading companies and small to large businesses schedule zoom meetings with clients to sell products and services. Marketing campaigns can now run through social media platforms to promote businesses and sell brands online. You can run campaigns on the phone or any other device using a stable internet connection.
technology impacts

technology impacts

Negative Impacts

As every invention comes with its flaws, technology comes with its drastic impacts on human life. To make human life easier, technology has slowly taken over our lives. We no more connect with nature and our surroundings. We are so technology bound that we cannot imagine our lives without modern-day technology. There is a huge communication gap between humans due to strong digital connectivity and less actual connection. People love to sit at home watch TV, play games, use laptops, cellphones and other modern technologies. There are fewer outdoor activities among younger adults due to more on-screen time. Human health has deteriorated to improve life expectancy. Excessive use of laptops and cellphones put a strain on our eyes. Overall, technology is causing many damaging effects on our minds and bodies. Today, most of our food items are now processed and lack natural ingredients leading to many health issues. Now people love to do technology talk more than real-life talk. They are more social digital than in the real world. Artificial Intelligence such as Amazon and Google assistance has taken over lives. With these social platforms, security issues can be seen around us. Cybercrimes, fake accounts, and terrorism are increasing every day. To consume less time, technology has improved many aspects of our lives. However, the time has lost its value and so are humans.
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