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BetterTouchTool is the application any MacBook Pro needs (to bring some sense into the Touch Bar, amongst other things).

BetterTouchTool is a respected application that has consistently carried incalculable instruments to any Mac with a trackpad. Add it to a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, however, and you could turn into a fanatic of that little OLED strip, as I can confirm from first-hand experience.

As great and helpful as that trackpad on your Mac seems to be, it’s inactive more often than not. BetterTouchTool transforms it into a multitasking tool, wherewith a tap you can have dispatch entire applications, change brilliance, switch Spaces and make windows snap to the sides of your screen. Since Apple’s (failing) invention of the Touch Bar, BettterTouchTool also works with Apple’s Touch Bar — and it makes that underused innovation sparkle.

Whatever Mac you have and whether you utilize a trackpad or a mouse, BetterTouchTool offers you more control. It’s absurd what you can do with this application. BetterTouchTool can tell when you tap with one finger or three, regardless of whether you twofold the tap, whether you pan in or out.

I lost count around 103 potential actions possible just with the trackpad. This was without using the alternate keys like Command or Option.

BetterTouchTool’s User Interface is isolated into various segments for controlling trackpads, mouse, Touch Bar, and more.


You could control anything, from System Actions to Controlling Other Applications, just with the swipe or tap of your fingers.

BetterTouchTool has been around a few years now and it’s one of those applications that when you’ve utilized it, you believe it’s a piece of the Mac. Not only that but as mentioned, BetterTouchTool also finally brings some purpose to Apple’s new Touch Bar.

I’m no enormous enthusiasts of the Touch Bar the way things are, as given by Apple. It’s an experiment at cost of the client. And Apple didn’t take any advantage of it, they just found a new place for their emoji.

Try not to misunderstand me, the equipment is strong. It is speedy, and updates quickly. The pictures are fresh and clear, and the touch affectability is best in class. But – as it is natively – the Touch Bar is useless unless you believe fancy wins over functionality.

BetterTouchTool didn’t do the same mistake. You can tweak the touch bar almost to death. Utilize each millimetre of extra dark space, fill it with stock statements, or Now Playing Lists, or MacBook Pro heat data. Add buttons to open apps, control apps and generate entire Script Logic that at the tap of a Touch Bar button will run full programs on your Mac. Snap, Minimize, Shut Down and Empty Cache, Inspect Elements or set breakpoints in a Developer xDebug Application, control Adobe Apps and more – what you want, BetterTouchTool does it.

In addition, in the event that you have per-application customizations that you’ve just set with Apple’s devices, BetterTouchTool regards those.

BetterTouchTool is just accessible direct from the designer or through the TukuToi Promotions listed below.