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Toolset Plugins

Toolset Plugins

What is Toolset?

Toolset is is a suite of plugins which help build custom WordPress sites without programming. Here we introduce Toolset shortly.

Some say Toolset is a page builder, others know it just as a “WordPress Blocks” Add-On, but in truth, Toolset is a programmer, which is why it helps to build custom WordPress sites without programming.

If you know how to navigate around Toolset’s (initially overwhelming) User Interface, and know a little HTML and CSS, you can build complex websites in minutes or maximally hours.
Toolset offers a great visual spectrum of building elements, but below that, there is no end in features. You can extend it infinitely, and until you reach the point where you’d need to use Custom PHP (Toolset has an API), you already dumped and forgot all other “Page Builders” out there, because they can’t reach the water to Toolset.

What can I do with Toolset?

There used to be a time where I said: Everything. You can do Everything with Toolset. Not anymore, sadly, if you don’t want to touch so-called “Legacy” plugins like Layouts, Module Manager and Views. Meanwhile, while still powerful and still far ahead of other similar plugins, you can’t design Headers and Footers anymore (which was doable with Toolset Layouts), you can’t migrate entire designs and modular parts of a structure anymore (which was possible with Module Manager), and you can’t design Lists of things anymore by applying Custom HTML and CSS to a loop generated (via PHP) by Toolset Views. This last part was substituted by Toolset Blocks, which is almost as powerful as Views, and will likely be more powerful in a few years to come.

The layout issue, could be eventually resolved when WordPress dumps the FSE Bomb, but that is still not yet secure and known as of when and even if, it will come.

Module managing is like it or not gone for good, I don’t think this will be somehow replaced in future, also since the focus of these (amongst others, Toolset) plugins is to target users who design their own website, and module managing is something that developers like, since they will create many websites and will re-use things they created on other instances.

What’s the caveat?

There are 2 main caveats when using Toolset:

  1. It’s Complex. But we can help. Thera are also amazing Facebook Communities where people help people.
  2. It’s not free. It has a recurring yearly subscription fee.
  3. It is lately Blocks Focused, so if you don’t like Blocks, it might not be the right tool for you.

Any other things I should know?

Well, there are lots of things you should know about Toolset. It is an immense universe of features. Really. Nothing can reach Toolset the waters, even if they ditch half their plugins.

Their Plugins are speed optimised, so there is nothing to worry about bloat added. You can design WordPress websites using Toolset with as little as 18 Requests. 18 Requests!!. Elementor, usually delivers websites with 118 Requests 🤣

Really the only “problem” we at TukuToi have with Toolset is that you can’t edit the full site anymore, this was really a big win, where you could not only ditch a ton of Access Control, Forms, Grids and whatnot plugins, but also don’t worry about the Theme to choose. However, with Themes like Neve or even Minima X1 you can design very well the Header and Footer, depending on your skills and/or the Theme settings/options. Kadence Themes also have made their place in the Toolset Community, along with several themes that actually even partially integrate with Toolset in terms of Theme settings that you can re-use in Toolset. So, you should be well covered in this aspect, without the need of throwing yourself into the page-builders nightmare.

And once (if ever) FSE is out, we really expect big steps as well from the Toolset end, delivering us perhaps some additional Blocks for heads and footers. We will see and stay tuned.