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WP Rocket | Superior WordPress Performance

WP Rocket | Superior WordPress Performance

WP Rocket is the Industry Standard of Cache in WordPress. It is definitely the best WordPress Cache Plugin available at a very reasonable price.

It is our favourite Cache solution when and if a Website requires some speed up. Not every website requires cache, most of the times, with careful optimisation a good WordPress Developer can successfully create performant Websites without the need of a third party cache solution. However there are cases where plugins like WP Rocket can boost the speed, and allow for major gains in loading time of a Website.

For example, when you have lots of Images on a website, a considerable amount of Plugins loading scripts and styles, and your general design is very media heavy, in those cases a Cache Plugin like WP Rocket is recommended.

We at TukuToi have tried many cache solutions, and WP Rocket is by far the best we ever experimented with. Upon install and activation, with just the basic default settings, a Website can load up to 3 times faster than before. This not only on the benchmark, but really felt human loading speed.

We had a real world case where the Website, built with Elementor and using several Media elements as well a number of Plugins adding features required for the Website, was loading too slow (something around 8 seconds). We decided to install and activate WP Rocket and the Website immediately loaded within the first 4 seconds.

The best thing with WP Rocket is, their Developer truly understand the requirements of other Developers, and curate their code very carefully. Without even reading the Documentation a Developer can craft additional code to modify the behaviour of the Plugin, using hooks, because their code is so well structured and clean, as well as thoroughly commented.

If in doubt, the excellent Documentation of WP Rocket is as well a good resource to further understand, tweak and modify the Plugin settings.

We warmly recommend this Plugin to anyone who needs to Boost their WordPress websites to the maximum speed results possible.