Block Patterns & Reusable Blocks

Since WordPress 5.5, Block Patterns have been introduced to the Gutenberg Editor. 

Block Patterns are groups of Blocks, or single blocks, that help you kick start your own Design and Development. Block Patterns are different from Reusable Blocks mainly because the Patterns are registered with PHP in a Theme or Plugin and hence allow for PHP Usage within the actual blocks markup, while Reusable Blocks do not require PHP Code to be saved but also cannot make usage of it in their markup.

On this page we offer tons of design elements both downloadable as Block Pattern or Reusable Block.
Downloaded the Block Pattern PHP Code and add it to your Theme's functions.php or include it in a plugin,
or download the Reusable Block JSON Code, and simply import the JSON file in your WordPress install, on the Reusable Blocks Screen*



This Grid needs to be previewed on the single Pattern Page. Go here





Dynamic Parallax

A simple Parallax Background with Dynamic Images and Dynamic Content. The Heading is pulled from the Post Title while this description is from a Custom Field added to the post just as the background parallax image is.

Anything could be added in this area, technically you can even use this approach to nest the entire page or post (or template) content inside such a Container.

Overlay, Image, and content can be freely changed. The Pattern also could take a Video if swapping container for WordPress Cover as input but in this case it doesn’t support parallax yet.




Card V2

Any Dynamic or Static Content here, such as Post Body, fields, or else. In this card, the Title, Read More, Comments and Publication date are dynamic while this content paragraph is static (for a technical reason as it would otherwise display the post body within the post body…)

Special in this card is the avatar which is a custom field added to the user profile and displayed with a Custom PHP ShortCode

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Card V1

Add any Dynamic Block using Toolset or complete with custom content.

This Card for example could show Excerpts in an Archive, or short Call To Action introduction text…

The Title here is already dynamic (current Post) and the Image is pulled from the posts’ Featured Image, similarly the Author Avatar and publication date are as well pulled dynamically.





I’m A Call To Action

I could display Dynamically the content of one, or several posts, or just some text added to the CTA.

My background could be an image (even a dynamic source) or colours (static or gradients). With Some Custom CSS as well hover effects could be added, or other animations. 

Here we just have a button to action…
which o course again could be dynamically calling some content.

WordPress hides the Reusable Blocks Screen by default, you can reach it on your