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Do You Need Help or Expertise?

Is editing Source Code not Your Thing? Are you in a tight Time Schedule and need to deliver a fully scalable and safe solution fast to your Clients?

Maybe you want to incorporate the Software found on TukuToi unbranded and royalty free in your Clients Projects after customizing it as per your Projects requirements?

Or eventually you need some training on any WordPress Plugin, Theme or their creation and maintenance?

PluginTukuToi Gutenberg Layouts

Create Custom Template Layouts for your Website using Gutenberg Blocks

Create complete WordPress Gutenberg built Layouts for your Website, controlling the main content, the header and footer as well as sidebars in the WordPress backend using Gutenberg Blocks!

TukuToi Gutenberg Layouts not only allows you to create full custom Layouts for your Website, but it also comes with a bunch of pre-made Templates (as re-usable blocks) which you can either use as-is or customize further (note: this part I currently WIP).

TukuToi Gutenberg Layouts as well integrates smoothly with a number of plugins offering Blocks, basically, as long the plugin follows the WordPress standards to register their Blocks you’ll be able to use them in TukuToi Gutenberg Layouts!

TukuToi Gutenberg Layouts delivers as well some blocks itself. These blocks help the templating system – such as main content block, containers, and (in progress) menu and other site information blocks.

Currently a specific theme integration is required to have the plugin fully take over the Templating of your website. As soon as Automattic’s Gutenberg Full Site Editing is a real thing, this won’t be necessary anymore

You can currently download TukuToi Blocks Templates on GitHub