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TukuToi WooCommerce Custom Stock Status

This plugin is under review. We will update this entry once the code review is completed

Why use TukuToi WooCommerce Custom Stock Status Plugin?

WooCommerce does not exactly make it easy to add such Custom Status and there is no inbuilt API for this either, instead, a set of hooks needs to be used in order to make Custom Stock Status work great with WooCommerce Products.

With the TukuToi WooCommerce Custom Stock Status Plugin you can add any Custom Stock Status and as well map the new Status to a Custom Color, which will be used in the Backend “All Products” Admin List.

The plugin also adds the adequate CSS Classes to the Product Template HTML so you can give different looks on the front end depending on the stock status.

The plugin offers a easy to use Backend Settings Screen, so not code needs to be used at all.