Toolset Plugins

What is Toolset?

Toolset is is a suite of plugins which help build custom WordPress sites without programming. Here we introduce Toolset shortly and explain how you can purchase Toolset at a Discount.

Some say Toolset is a page builder, others see it just as a “WordPress Blocks” Addon, but in truth, Toolset is a programmer, which is why it helps to build custom WordPress sites without programming.

If you know how to navigate around Toolset’s (initially overwhelming) User Interface, and know a little HTML and CSS, you can build complex websites in minutes or maximally hours.
Toolset offers a great visual spectrum of building elements, but below that, there is no end in features. You can extend it infinitely, and until you reach the point where you’d need to use Custom PHP (Toolset has an API), you already dumped and forgot all other “Page Builders” out there, because they can’t reach the water to Toolset.

What can I do with Toolset?

Imagine designing in a nice visual interface, using WordPress’ Core Gutenberg Blocks editor. Then, you throw those elements wherever you want using Toolset Layouts, into your website. And I mean where ever you want. You can design a header just as easily as your main post content.
You need a Form to edit users, and also want to protect the form so only certain users can access it?
Well, believe me, there is no Plugin out there that will help you doing everything required. But Toolset will allow you to create your form, control its access, and submit data (without any webhooks needed) with a maximum of 10 clicks.

What’s the caveat?

There are 2 main caveats when using Toolset:

  1. It’s Complex. But we can help. If you purchase thru Tukutoi, you can choose from either getting a Discount or invest your Discount in a Lesson Package by TukuToi, which will make you a master of Toolset in no time
  2. It’s not free. But again, we can help. You can save yourself some money if you buy thru the affiliate links below.

I’ve read that Toolset doesn’t make discounts!

That’s right, but TukuToi does.

We are Affiliate of Toolset, and when someone purchases Toolset through any of the Affiliate links present on this page, TukuToi gets a reward. We like to share this reward, and this is why we can offer Toolset at a discount.

But wait, how does it work?

It is imperative to complete these steps to receive the Toolset Discount!

Once you decide to Buy Toolset at a Discount through the affiliate links, you will pay the full Toolset Price directly to Toolset, and with it, receive the Plugins and a year of Support + Updates.
Then, TukuToi will refund you at the below mentioned rates, effectively allowing you to Buy Toolset at a Discount!

Of course, if during the registration you chose to invest the Toolset Discount into a Toolset Lesson Package of TukuToi, we will contact you to schedule a brief introduction and an advanced lesson in Toolset.

Enjoy your discounted Toolset, or, learn how to use it, to become a Toolset Master yourself!

  1. Sign Up Or Log In at TukuToi
  2. Click on the Toolset Plugins Discount Link you want
  3. Purchase Toolset Plugins on their Website
  4. Claim your Discount or Lesson in your profile

Toolset Interactive

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Toolset Agency

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Toolset Presentation

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Normally the Toolset Presentation is sold at 69$.

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