Software Used

TukuToi Software
External Software

It all started with the Better WordPress Plugin Boilerplate, a starter plugin for WordPress and ClassicPress Developers.

TukuToi maintains and helps to develop that Boilerplate, and since the requirement of an easy-to-use Generator came up, in order to quickly spin up a Plugin with all the proper naming, versions and links, so to kickstart the Plugin Development, we bought and populated the domain.

We developed a Custom Plugin (logically, using the Better WordPress Plugin Boilerplate), that allows for generating a new plugin based on a source Boilerplate.

The Plugin can be found here.

It can actually be used to find and replace any string in any source, if adapted accordingly.
The main purpose is of course to generate Plugins based on the Better WordPress Plugin Boilerplate, using a set of User Inputs.

This plugin is used on the Website to generate the user’s plugins. The Website itself is built with ClassicPress and a minimal Custom Theme inspired on HTML5Up design.

Since the main goal of that website was not design and fanciness, we felt free to use online-available designs and graphics, thus the background also is not made by TukuToi (see attributions on site).