TukuToi is a programming firm with a heart, guided by core values that define our mission and set us apart. Our commitment to integrity, diligence, innovation, collaboration, respect, and low carbon footprint solutions ensures unmatched quality in every project.

Our Heartbeat: Guiding Principles and Core Values

At TukuToi, we’ve got more than just skills – we’ve got a heart full of guiding principles and core values that light our path, define our mission, and set us apart. These aren’t just words on paper; they’re the very essence of how we work.

Our core values are like a trusty compass that steers us in the right direction, ensuring that every decision we make and every action we take is aligned with our commitment to being the leading programming firm that’s synonymous with unmatched quality.

Championing Integrity

Championing Integrity: Integrity is our guiding star. It means honesty in every interaction, transparency in every communication, and excellence in every project. We won’t pretend to be superheroes – if a project isn’t in our wheelhouse, we’ll tell you upfront and help find the best solution. We expect the same honesty from our partners and clients because clear requirements are the foundation of success. At TukuToi, integrity isn’t just a value – it’s a way of life.

Fuelling Diligence

Diligence is our engine, driving us to go above and beyond. We’re not about shortcuts or compromises; we’re about commitment and hard work. Our dedication to quality isn’t just a checkbox; it’s a relentless pursuit of perfection. We believe that working smart and working hard aren’t mutually exclusive; they’re the twin pillars of success. Rain or shine, we’re here with sleeves rolled up, ready to bring your project to life.

Spark of Innovation

Innovation is more than a buzzword here – it’s our daily mantra. We thrive on turning challenges into opportunities, pushing boundaries, and making your dreams


We deeply value the principle of collaboration. Recognizing that our collective intelligence is greater than that of any individual, we prioritize teamwork and shared decision-making. This belief shapes our interactions with clients, partners, and each other, fostering a spirit of mutual respect and shared goals.


Respect for our clients, our colleagues, and our community is a cornerstone of our corporate culture. We believe that all interactions should be conducted with professionalism and courtesy, and we strive to create a working environment where every voice is heard and valued.

Low Carbon Footprint Solutions

Cleanliness extends beyond just code – it encompasses our environment too. Every website has a carbon footprint, contributing to global CO2 emissions. At TukuToi, we’re actively reducing this footprint by partnering with eco-friendly hosting services, adopting efficient coding practices, and continuously optimizing our platforms.

We’re proud of our minimized carbon impact, which is considerably lower than other websites. Yet, it’s essential to note that if just one page on our website is visited 10,000 times a month, it still would generate as much carbon as a tree absorbs in a year.

We share this to emphasize the importance of our collective efforts in leaving a sustainable legacy for our planet.

Safe, Scalable Software

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TukuToi follows industry standards, assessing code quality and adhering to established Standards.

TukuToi uses SonarScanner to assess the quality of PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS Code.

When programming Themes, Plugins or Websites built with and for WordPress or ClassicPress, TukuToi strictly follows the WordPress Coding Standards.

With Scalability in mind, TukuToi will only release Code with a Minimal Tech Debt and a Maximal Security Standard.

6σ Quality Management Standards

We approach all projects with the 6σ Method, beginning with scope definition to prevent scope creep. Continual analysis, improvement, and control mechanisms ensure high-quality results at minimal cost and effort.

6σ Certification
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