This document outlines our company’s policy on the use of artificial intelligence (AI). It covers various aspects including its purpose and application, data collection, user consent, transparency, oversight and control, ethics and bias, safety and security, accountability, and continuous updates and maintenance.

Purpose and Application of AI:

Our company employs artificial intelligence (AI) in various domains such as programming, content generation, moderation, and more. While AI is an integral part of our operations, we stick to the Human in the loop (HITL) principle: all decisions and actions facilitated by AI are subject to human oversight and control.

Data Collection, Processing, and Storage:

We do not store any user data. Any data sent to third-party AI providers, such as OpenAI, is exclusively for the purpose of obtaining API responses. We have DPAs signed with these providers ensuring that they neither store nor use this data for their training purposes.

User Consent:

Users consent to data collection and processing by agreeing to our privacy and usage policy, generally by checking an agreement box. We respect user autonomy and prioritize informed consent. Whenever no consent is requested, no User Data is collected for AI interactions.


We are committed to being transparent with our users. Users will always be informed when they are interacting with an AI system rather than a human.

Oversight and Control:

All AI systems deployed within our operations have human oversight (HITL). We ensure that AI facilitates but does not replace the human touch in decision-making.

Ethics and Bias:

We strive for our AI systems to be as unbiased and ethical as possible. We continuously work towards refining our models and ensuring that they adhere to high ethical standards.

Safety and Security:

To ensure the safety of our AI systems, we employ moderation endpoints and integrate spam database filtering. These measures are taken to prevent malicious attacks and unintended behaviors.


TukuToi Co Ltd is responsible for AI operations and decisions, within the bounds of our Terms and Conditions. TukuToi Co Ltd is not responsible for third party contract breach. We have signed DPA’s with the providers and refuse responsibility over infringement of those contracts by the third parties that are out of our control. No Code, Content or else AI generated data is delivered by TukuToi Co Ltd to its customers without HITL. The only case where an uncontrolled AI feedback could reach someone using services of TukuToi Co Ltd would be in our contact form (which is moderated by an AI), or in the “related articles” section of this website. None of these two instances have potential negative impact on any person using services of TukuToi Co Ltd, and as such we deny any responsibility stemming from potential mis-moderation of a Contact Initiation or suggested related article.

Updates and Maintenance:

We are committed to the continuous improvement and maintenance of our AI systems to serve our users better and ensure the highest quality outcomes.

Third-Party AI Systems:

We collaborate with third-party AI providers, strictly limited to:
Leonardo AI

All of these providers are bound by privacy policies that align with our commitment to user data privacy and have signed DPAs with TukuToi Co Ltd.