Refund Policy

General Refund Policy

TukuToi offers a 30-day free trial period on all software produced by TukuToi and purchased through the website of TukuToi (, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to cancel your purchase.

We do not have a refund policy on our online services (like consulting, development, and support). We however offer a free hour of consultation. You can use this free hour of Consultation to assess the quality of further services, if you like.

Since all our software is sold through PayPal, the trial period of 30 Days is already considered when you complete the purchase.

However, PayPal will charge your account automatically after the 30 days have passed. Thus, if you do not like the software, you should manually cancel the subscription on your paypal account before the 30 days trial expires.

All recurring subscriptions on PayPal will automatically renew (monthly, or yearly, depending on the plan). It is up to you to cancel that subscription in your PayPal account. TukuToi will not be held accountable for charges on PayPal if you forget or neglect to cancel the subscription.

Of course, our customers are always welcome to contact us at in case of doubt or problems. We will try to help resolving any issues related to your purchases from TukuToi.

Please acknowledge that all Software is provided “As is” under the GPL 2 or GPL 3 license. This means, we are not obligated to fix problems in the software or caused by the software usage. However, we will do everything in our capacity to resolve or help resolve any issues arising from the usage of our software. Please do not hesitate to contact us through our email

When you purchase one of our Software, you also get Technical Support channel access, thus you can reach out to us anytime and we will work together to resolve the arising issues.

Termination of Service

When you purchase software through this Website, and wish to terminate the subscription you must cancel your PayPal subscription on you PayPal dashboard. Already paid subscription fees will not be returned. This means, if you purchase for example on the 10th of January and cancel your Subscription on the 11th of January of the next year, PayPal will already have changed your account for the upcoming year. This fee will not be returned.

If you purchase services from TukuToi such as consultation, development, tech assistance or else, the purchased amount of hours, service or else is not refundable, even if unused.

TukuToi reserves the right to terminate any purchased service or maintenance of any purchased software at any time, for any reason inclusive but not limited to Force Majeure, termination of business operations, illegal activities of the purchaser of service (the client).