Arjay B. Araña

Post Digital Salt and Light: Standing Up for the Truth

The world, it seems to me, is getting darker every day – crimes are escalating, injustices are rising, and morals are decaying. And the rapid advancements in computer technology have only accelerated this descent into darkness, notwithstanding all the …

Post Christian Leadership: Making Way for the Younger Generation

It is the digital age. Technological advancement is moving forward in hyperdrive, the amount and flow of information overwhelm the mind, and computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices abound. Meanwhile, the world has become both much smaller, …

Post The Christian in Modern Times

Technology, particularly computers and the internet, have drastically changed the way we live. Only fifty years ago, people couldn’t have possibly imagined the kind of world we have now. The advents of PCs, emails, websites, and blogging and social med …