Image showing Minima X1 | Minimal Toolset Layouts Theme

Minima X1 | Minimal Toolset Layouts Theme

When you install this Toolset Ready WordPress Theme you are presented with a blank slate.

The Minima X1 Theme is oriented on “Let Plugins (Toolset) provide functionality and the Theme the design”

Just, the Minima X1 Toolset Theme as well leaves the design the to the Plugins, it just provides a minimal blank slate to be designed with Toolset.

If you don’t use Toolset, you can still see your Content and Titles.

If you use Toolset, you’ll design the contents with either Layouts, Content Templates or native WordPress editors.

Usually, you design from edge to edge of the screen, but with Content Templates that’s more tricky than Layouts

The theme is not really suggested to be used without Toolset as it basically has no settings or whatsoever, however, if you know how to customize a Theme in the code, it’s possible of course.

Download or fork on GitHub.