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PluginHierarchical Posts Tree

A lightweight Plugin adding a Dashboard Widget to administrate all WordPress Hierarchical Post types.

The Hierarchical Posts Tree Plugin by Tukutoi lets you display WordPress hierarchical custom post types in a Dashboard Widget, for easy administration. By default, the plugin lists Pages only.

Often Hierarchical Structures of Posts can get out of hand, with Hierarchical Posts Tree Plugin you can quickly search all your Child Posts (very quickly), and see in what Hierarchical Tree they are located.

Each entry in the hierarchical posts tree links to its corresponding post Post Edit Screen for easy and quick editing of the hierarchical posts.

The Hierarchical Posts Tree Plugin lists as mentioned above by default the only WordPress hierarchical post type: Pages.

With Custom Filters (see the Documentation), it is possible to change that and query any WordPress hierarchical custom post type.

Updates are shipped directly to your WordPress Dashboard like any other WordPress Plugin. If you install Hierarchical Posts Tree Plugin for the first time, you can download it from GitHub. Remember to remove the -master suffix added by GitHub from the Plugin Folder downloaded when using it on a production site.