Image showing TukuToi Template Builder

TukuToi Template Builder

TukuToi Template Builder provides a way to create Custom Templates directly in your ClassicPress Admin Area.

From the header to the footer, you can design your entire website using HTML, ShortCodes, CSS and JS.
A beautiful and powerful CodeMirror Editor allows you to manipulate your templates, and together with the TukuToi ShortCodes Plugin you have a full set of ShortCodes available to design ANY kind of website.

You can create entire headers, inclusive the head tag, down to the footer, inclusive the closing HTML tag.
You can also decide to just create partial templates applied to the post content only, or even output your templates using a simple to use ShortCode.

A sophisticated settings User Interface allows you to easily and intuitively assign your Templates to different types of contents (archives, single posts, 404 pages etc), and even you can share editing with other Users and keep track of the edits through the Revisions, and/or by commenting on each edit made.

There is a learning curve to this plugin, some knowledge about Themes is required if you want to design your website from the header to the footer, but there is no PHP editing required.
The plugin is ultra fast as it uses no Drag And Drop or other fancy UI, your templates will all be built with HTML, ShortCodes and CSS/JS, allowing you FULL control over every detail.