Image showing TukuToi Search and Filters

TukuToi Search and Filters

TukuToi Search and Filter Plugin allows you to create front end Searches and Lists.

You can create a nice and searcahble layout of your Blog Posts, or an archive, or a list of anything really.
Using ShortCodes, you can build highly complex Searches, both with Full Page Reload or AJAX reload, and thus search through (and display results) your Content.

Right now, User and Taxonomy loops are not supported, you can however list all your (custom and native) posts, and search through them by taxonomies, authors, and more.
You cannot only build searches and lists, you can also create Sliders, dynamic post content, and more.

With this Plugin, together with TukuToi Template Builder and TukuToi ShortCodes Plugins you have yourself your own “Developer” directly in your ClassicPress Admin.
Everything is kept as lean as possible and integrates nicely in the User Interface of TukuToi ShortCodes, and allows you to edit almost every aspect of your searches since it does not output predefined content.
For example, you can easily add a Select2 Dropdown search, or a Bootstrap 5 Pagination, or just stick with plain classic CSS and output your contents and searches using FlexBox or else.