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PluginToolWine SEO | Lightweight Toolset-AddOn SEO Plugin

ToolWine SEO is a lightweight Toolset-AddOn Plugin unlocking the true power of dynamic content in SEO optimization.

ToolWine SEO is a lightweight Toolset-AddOn Plugin which enables you to unlock the true power of dynamic content in SEO data.
Open Graph tags and markup can be populated automatically with data you enter in the WordPress Post Edit Screen.

Thanks to elaborated settings, the Plugin work with any custom post type. This means you decide what schema structure to apply for which post type. The plugin will then automatically generate fields, which you can populate directly when publishing your content. These fields will then be translated to schema org JSON markup and printed in your site’s HTML when required. The entire markup can be overwritten on each single post if required.

Toolset Types is required for ToolWine SEO Plugin to run smoothly. A message will be displayed in case Toolset Types isn’t active. ToolWine SEO will create a standard set of Custom Fields Group in Toolset > Custom Fields for you upon installation and add more later depending on your settings.

Different data like post author, post types and taxonomy descriptions (archive description), site tag line and name are re-used in SEO markup were the plugin can safely predict it’s usefulness, so no data is duplicated and you can control each detail in the used-to User Interfaces of WordPress.

ToolWine SEO also takes care of your Website’s sitemap.xml – automatically updating it every time you update a post (unless you mark the post as to b excluded from the sitemap). This saves a ton of time – one worry less and we can focus entirely on the content, which is bottom-line what will decide over the success of any SEO Optimization.

This plugin also integrates well with all other TukuToi Plugins, meaning when you have any other of TukuToi’s plugins active it’ll work smoothly with ToolWine SEO, and also not clutter your WordPress admin area with new menus, instead it’ll bundle its menu into one big “TukuToi” Main Menu. Global settings and code are shared amongst all TukuToi Plugins where it makes sense as well.

ToolWine SEO Updates are shipped directly to your WordPress Dashboard like any other WordPress Plugin. If you install ToolWine SEO the first time, you can download it from GitHub. Remember to remove the -master suffix added by GitHub from the Plugin Folder downloaded when using it on a production site.