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Do You Need Help or Expertise?

Is editing Source Code not Your Thing? Are you in a tight Time Schedule and need to deliver a fully scalable and safe solution fast to your Clients?

Maybe you want to incorporate the Software found on TukuToi unbranded and royalty free in your Clients Projects after customizing it as per your Projects requirements?

Or eventually you need some training on any WordPress Plugin, Theme or their creation and maintenance?

PluginTukuToi FasterPress | WordPress Performance Optimization

TukuToi FasterPress | WordPress Performance Optimization Plugin To Instantly Speed Up Your WordPress Website

TukuToi FasterPress Plugin not only helps to score A ratings on GT-metrix or stick within the 90%ile of Google Speed Insights, but also and more importantly it improves the felt speed of a WordPress Website.

The plugin currently allows removing scripts and styles as defined in WordPress backend options of the plugin. Using TukuToi FasterPress also will give you access to the information about what scripts should be excluded, where, and why. This is important knowledge because just excluding scripts and styles can and will result in broken sites, instead of fast, highly performant modern Website.

You can download and install the plugin currently from GitHub and start excluding scripts and styles as per TukuToi FasterPress Documentation here.

Your Website’s score on GT-Metrix and felt loading time will improve immediately. In terms of GT-Metrix it generally elevates a B/C scored site to an A/B scored Website.

Just as an example see below massive decrease in requests once TukuToi FasterPress took over the website used in the tests.