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The Path in the CMS World: A Journey from ClassicPress to WordPress

TukuToi, a strong advocate of ClassicPress, has made the decision to move back to WordPress due to its consistent platform and compatibility with PHP, jQuery, and plugins. While still supporting ClassicPress financially, TukuToi highlights the need for major changes in the project to consider using it again for production.

TukuToi has been a (almost stubborn) defender of the idea behind ClassicPress. We contributed, used and invested great amounts of time and money into the project.

Unfortunately, even after a major change in leadership, great amounts of sponsoring (not limited to our own substantial Sponsoring but several other people’s commitments), ClassicPress is still basically “dead”

With the termination of PHP 7.x version active support, we had to make a decision. We moved back to WordPress because it is a more consistent platform in terms of development, compatibility with third party like PHP, jQuery and (a major amount of) Plugins. Finally, we wanted to be sure our website was always receiving the latest Security Updates. Not a day, week or year later.

We still support ClassicPress

We are still honouring our commitment to sponsor 250USD yearly to the ClassicPress project, and our plugins still support the CMS as well. For whom wants to play risky, CP can still be a solution. We still have hopes that with some effort, the project can survive, but not only. It is important the project stands up and starts tackling major pending issues, such as PHP8 support, and security maintenance. We will give the project another 6 months after which, TukuToi will put all its efforts towards its own CMS (for our own usage) and focus on WordPress, PHP and HTML when it comes to work for our clients.

We still disable Gutenberg

We moved back to WordPress because it is supporting PHP8, and its security is maintained.

However we still have a major problem with Gutenberg. The decision to put Gutenberg into core was and remains wrong. It is an experiment, that does not work and hurts businesses as well as customers. We keep it disabled. And we will never enable it.

Luckily, it takes 2 lines of PHP to disable Gutenberg

That’s it – just a short update about our path in the CMS world, and a confirmation that our support for ClassicPress currently continues, but purely in a form of financial Support. To consider ClassicPress again for production, major changes have to happen in the project.

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