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Comprehensive Maintenance Services

TukuToi, a Swiss company, offers comprehensive website maintenance services. Our dedicated team of web developers and programmers provide customized solutions including monthly website maintenance, audits, backups, and emergency recovery services.

Do you need a reliable website maintenance partner? We are a Swiss company with a team of dedicated web developers and programmers.

We offer customized solutions that cater to your needs and budget. Our services include monthly website maintenance, monthly website audits, and monthly backups—as well as emergency website recovery when your web presence is down.

The Website Maintenance Service includes monthly maintenance, audits, and backups at an affordable price.

Monthly Maintenance

Includes updating Themes and Plugins, WordPress or ClassicPress.

Includes visual assessment of the website after the updates, to assure everything proceeds working as expected.

Monthly Website Audit

Don’t let your website become a liability – with TukuToi’s monthly service, you’ll always have peace of mind. Our team of experts will be there to help you keep your website safe and secure.

The monthly audit checks for any issues that could potentially harm your site’s performance, whether it be technical or content-related. And we can help you recover your site in the event of an emergency.

Monthly Backups

Protect your data from data loss with the TukuToi team managing your backups.

You never know when disaster might strike – and when it does, the last thing you want is to lose all the work you’ve put into building up your site.

That’s why we keep the monthly backups for infinite time – so that if anything happens, we’ll be able to easily restore everything, anytime!

Emergency Website Recovery

Should something happen to your website, we’ll be there to save the day with our exclusive emergency recovery service, based on the latest backup we have.

This service is available at any time

We’re proud of our quality work, which is why it’s backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can rest assured that we won’t deliver anything short of excellent.

Time is money! With our monthly maintenance service, you can save time by outsourcing the tedious tasks like updating software and performing backups. And it’s a lot cheaper too!

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Comprehensive Maintenance Services

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Comprehensive Maintenance Services

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