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TukuToi has successfully redesigned, transforming it into a modern, fast, and feature-rich online community. This project involved recreating a 12-year-old WordPress site from scratch, aligning it with provided Figma and Zeplin mockups using Bootstrap.

Design Implementation

The design phase required meticulous attention to detail to match the mockups accurately. Utilizing Bootstrap, we ensured a responsive and visually appealing layout that enhances user experience across all devices. The new design not only modernizes the look and feel of the website but also significantly improves its usability and accessibility.

Custom Logic and API Integration

A substantial part of this project involved crafting custom logic using PHP and JavaScript to handle various background tasks. This included integrating several plugin APIs to extend the website’s functionality. Our team developed complex conditional logic to manage content access based on user login state and subscription tier, creating a tailored experience for different user groups.

Enhanced Content Access and Subscription Management

One of the standout features of the new is the sophisticated content access management system. Content visibility is controlled based not only on user login status but also on their subscription tier. This allows the website to offer exclusive content to premium subscribers while providing general content to all users.

Several features, such as targeted advertisements, posts, and events, are shown conditionally based on the user’s login state and subscription level. This targeted approach enables the website owners to deliver specific ads and content to specific user tiers, optimizing engagement and revenue opportunities.

Advanced Search Functionality

To further enhance user experience, we implemented an extensive search functionality. This feature allows users to find content through precise filtering mechanisms, ensuring they can quickly and easily access the information they need. The search system integrates seamlessly with the conditional content logic, providing relevant results based on the user’s access level.

Ongoing Development and Maintenance

Our collaboration with is ongoing, as we continue to develop new features and maintain the technical aspects of the website. This ensures that the site remains up-to-date, secure, and capable of meeting the evolving needs of its user base.

By leveraging modern frameworks like Bootstrap and combining them with custom development, TukuToi has successfully elevated to a new level of functionality and user engagement. This project showcases our ability to transform legacy websites into dynamic and user-friendly platforms tailored to meet specific business needs.