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TukuToi has successfully implemented a complete redesign of, using Bootstrap to match provided Figma/Zeplin mockups. The project involved crafting custom logic (PHP and JS), integrating plugin APIs, and introducing complex conditionals for content access based on user login state and subscription tier.

TukuToi Implemented the entire Website’s Design according to provided Figma/Zeplin mockups using Bootstrap.
We crafted all Custom Logic (PHP and JS) to implement the tasks in the background, and integrated several plugin’s APIs into the WebSite.

This project consisted in recreating an existing site fully from scratch, elevating it from a 12 years old WordPress website to a modern looking, fast and feature-packed online community presence.

Complex Conditionals drive access to Content, which can be read deepening on the users’s login state, but also their “tier” on the website.
Several features are only available after purchasing a subscription, which consists in several tiers.

A extensive Search functionality allows users to find content by precise filtering mechanisms. Many of the contents on the website, such as Ads, but also Posts or Events and other content, is shown conditionally to the User’s login state, as well as their Tier.

This allows the Website Owners to target specific Tiers with specific Ads, for example.