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Discover how TukuToi has implemented a sophisticated slider using SwiperJS, Toolset, and ACF to dynamically showcase related posts with ease on the Website.

Integrating SwiperJS with Toolset and ACF for Dynamic Sliders on

On the SolaceFusion website, we have implemented a sophisticated and visually appealing slider using SwiperJS. This modern slider solution allows the website administrator of SolaceFusion to showcase related posts dynamically, leveraging the robust relationships built with Toolset Plugins by OnTheGoSystems and enhanced with custom fields from ACF (Advanced Custom Fields).

Technical Implementation

The slider utilizes SwiperJS for its sleek and modern design, providing a smooth user experience. The integration process begins with Toolset, where we establish complex post relationships. These relationships allow us to connect various types of content seamlessly. Toolset’s flexibility ensures that related posts are accurately linked, providing a cohesive browsing experience for users.

ACF fields play a crucial role in enhancing the slider’s functionality. SolaceFusion’s website administrator had already added fields for text descriptions, additional details, icons, and images. Additionally, color pickers allow for dynamic card color changes based on the content being displayed. This means each card within the slider can have a unique appearance, tailored to the specific post it represents. All the website administrator needs to do going forward is following the same naming patterns for eventual new content, and they can use the same Slider for any type of content going forwards.

Easy Integration with Shortcodes

One of the standout features of this implementation is the ease of use for the website administrators. By simply inserting a shortcode and passing specific Toolset Relationship slugs, the slider dynamically pulls the appropriate data. This eliminates the need for manual updates or complex configurations.

[swiper_slider relationship="toolset_relationship_slug"]

All the information displayed on the slider cards is fetched dynamically via the shortcode, ensuring that the content is always up-to-date and relevant. This dynamic pulling of data includes all the text, images, icons, and colors defined in the ACF fields.

Benefits for Clients

This solution is perfect for website administrators who require beautiful and powerful sliders while utilizing Toolset for their content relationships. The combination of SwiperJS, Toolset, and ACF provides a versatile and user-friendly way to display related posts. Clients can enjoy a customizable and dynamic slider without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

By integrating SwiperJS with Toolset and ACF, we have created a dynamic and engaging way to showcase related posts on This implementation highlights the powerful capabilities of these tools and provides a seamless and visually appealing experience for users.