Image showing TukuToi Send Email If

TukuToi Send Email If

The TukuToi Send Email If Plugin allows you to notify users when specific posts are viewed, offering a lightweight and customizable solution without heavy user tracking.

What does the TukuToi Send Email If Plugin Do?

Sometimes, you need to know when certain posts are being viewed/visited/discovered by users, be it guests or logged in users.
For example, in a Talent Discovery Directory you might want to inform the Talent or Talent Manager that someone is vieweing their Talent Profile right now. You might want to do that discretly, but reliably, without bloating the website with heavy (and Privacy problematic) user tracking.

This plugin has a solution to that problem.
It allows you to easily send a receiver. You can set a specific receiver for each post.
You can control on what posts the receiver should be set, and thus the email sent when the post is visited.
You can control what user Roles will trigger the notification when they visit the post.
You can also customize the email contents as well as other aspects of the email.

The entire plugin is very lightweight and thus renounces to any Backend Settings Screens.
It only adds a tiny Metabox to your posts (of choice) to save the receiver email.
The rest of the Plugin functionality is controlled with a set of Filters.

How to Install and Activate/Configure the Send Email If Plugin?

  1. Install and Activate like any other Plugin in WordPress.
  2. Head to the Plugin Settings Screen in the WordPress Dashboard > TukuToi > Send Email If. There you can control the Plugin settings such as determine which posts should trigger an email, and what action should send the email, and customize the email sent.
  3. Control the plugin settings with the provided Filters (see Documentation).
  4. Save the email for each specific post where you want an email being sent.

Does this Plugin work with ClassicPress?

Yes, this plugin does and will always work with ClassicPress as well as WordPress.

If you find any issue, or would like to see more features, please submit them to the GitHub Repository or contact us.