Image showing TukuToi Contact Form

TukuToi Contact Form

TukuToi Contact Form is a WordPress/ClassicPress plugin that allows easy insertion of a contact form on any page or post. It provides a simple set of ShortCode attributes for visual control and a library of hooks for behavior control.

What does TukuToi Contact Form Plugin do?

TukuToi Contact Form allows you to easily insert a Contact Form on any page or post of your website. With a simple set of ShortCode Attributes you can control the visual aspects of the form, and with a extensive library of Hooks (actions and filters) you can control the behaviour of the Form, as well as the contents and receivers of the Form message and more details.

The Plugin approaches the Contact Form problem from a simplistic view, without providing any backend GUI to create new forms, it also avoids being a new Page Builder, which is not necessary to just insert a Contact Form in a Website. Contact Forms should be just that: a way for your prospects to get in touch with you. They do not need to be complex Forms that let you create new products or users when submitted.

How to use the TukuToi Contact Form Plugin?

It’s a native WordPress/ClassicPress Plugin, so you can just download and install it as any other Plugin.
Then, insert the shortcode [tkt_cntct_frm_contact_form] wherever you need it. The ShortCode takes several attributes:

  • id. ID of the Form. Defaults to 1 if not passed. Must be set when using Filters or actions referring to this ID, Accepts only text or numeric value.
  • label_name. Label of Name Input. Defaults to “Your Name”. Accepts only text.
  • label_email. Label of the Email Input. Defaults to “Your E-mail Address”. Accepts only text.
  • label_subject. Label of the Subject Input. Defaults to “Subject”. Accepts only text.
  • label_message. Label of the Message Input. Defaults to “Your Message”. Accepts only text.
  • label_submit. Label for the Submit Button. Defaults to “Submit”. Accepts only text.
  • error_empty. Error message for empty field(s). Defaults to “Please fill in all the required fields.”. Accepts only text.
  • error_noemail. Error message for empty or invalid Email Input. Defaults to “Please enter a valid e-mail address.”. Accepts only text.
  • success. Success message shown instead of the Form when the email was sent successfully. Defaults to “Thanks for your e-mail! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.”. Accepts only text.

Does this Plugin work with ClassicPress?

Yes, this plugin does and will always work with ClassicPress as well as WordPress.

If you find any issue, or would like to see more features, please submit them to the GitHub Repository or contact us.