Image showing TukuToi ShortCodes

TukuToi ShortCodes

TukuToi ShortCodes provides an essential set of ShortCodes to use within ClassicPress. It allows you to display any data of a Post, User or Term, as well as add Conditional ShortCodes, Mathematical Operations ShortCodes and Edit Links on the Front End without knowing PHP.

The ShortCodes display data in a raw, unformatted way, allowing you as a webmaster to use them in any HTML structure you want, without having to battle predefined output or design. TukuToi ShortCodes is the base plugin for any website that requires to display dynamic Data with ShortCodes.

Together with the TukuToi Template Builder Plugin and TukuToi Search And Filters Plugin, this suite of plugins delivers you all you need to create highly dynamic, unique and powerful websites.
The TukuToi ShortCodes Plugin provides fundamental ShortCodes necessary for most websites.

It can be used as a standalone, and it allows to add Custom ShortCodes to its GUI, so a Developer can add as many additional ShortCodes as necessary.
It is indispensable if you want to use TukuToi Template Builder and/or TukuToi Search And Filters.