ToolWine Reviews & Ratings

ToolWine Reviews & Ratings is an Add-on Plugin for Toolset, that helps creating a Reviews and Ratings system in any WordPress Website.


  • Let logged in Visitors Create Reviews and Ratings
  • Allows to add Reviews or Ratings to any (Custom) Post Type
  • Automated Average calculation of Ratings
  • ShortCodes to display Ratings easily
  • ShortCodes to display Ratings and Reviews Conditionally
  • ShortCode to delete Review or Rating
  • ShortCode to format and round Rating Averages
  • Integrated CRED GUI Button to add Form Fields in the Toolset Forms Builder
This plugin is under review. We will update this entry once the code review is completed

What is ToolWine Reviews & Ratings Plugin

ToolWine Reviews & Ratings plugin is an AddOn for the Toolset Plugins, of the ToolWine series.

ToolWine Reviews & Ratings plugin helps create a Reviews and Ratings System together with The Toolset Plugins for your WordPress website, using a Front End Form and several fields to let users add (and delete) their ratings.

How does the ToolWine Reviews & Ratings Plugin work?

By default the plugin works with a Toolset Form with a given ID. You can and will however create as many Forms you like. Just make sure to add/change the Form IDs inĀ /public/class-tw-rar-public.php, methodĀ set_rating_forms

The plugin will automatically connect the review to the post in which the form is added. It will automtically average all ratings from the fields (point 6 above) and then add the rating to the rated post. When more than one rating is submitted by different users, it will as well automatically average those in the rated post.

If a rating is deleted, the plugin will automatically make sure the rating is discounted from the rated post.

The plugin already differentiates between a set of 6 “ratings” and one “recommendation” input.

ShortCodes of ToolWine Reviews & Ratings Plugin

  • has_user_reviewed (Returns string has_not_rated or has_rated depending if current logged in user rated current post)
  • rating_to_delete (returns Post ID of the Rating of the current user<>current post, useful for delete actions)
  • format_and_round (enclosing shortcode that can round up, and change formats of floast)


May 12, 2021 | Version 1.2.0

  • Added “Insert Rating Fields” Button in CRED Forms (Text/Expert Mode).

May 11, 2021 | Version 1.1.0

  • Introduced Filters to pass custom fields and forms to the core code.

May 10, 2021 | Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

Download and Updates

You can download the plugin from GitHub
Report Bugs to the GitHub Repository.