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ToolWine Plugins

ToolWine stands for Coding with Toolset & Wine, referring to a joke made once in a Toolset FB Group about developing with and for Toolset while drinking Wine, but mainly referring to the weird ideas one gets while doing so.

It started with small things that Toolset couldn’t do, either because not designed for or simply because not yet possible, since every tool, no matter how perfect it is, will always have some room for improvement or some missing details. At the time it was a simple WordPress Widget to see hierarchical pages on your site, in the WordPress Admin. Meanwhile, that idea became a standalone Plugin that isn’t even requiring Toolset anymore.

However Toolset still keeps me busy and given its power and infinite applications, ToolWine is more drunk than ever, erhm – more alive than ever.

For example, using Toolset’s powerful Custom Field and Post structure, the ToolWine SEO Plugin facilitates SEO tasks on any WordPress Site using Toolset

All ToolWine Plugins assume Toolset Plugins to be Installed and Active.
It is always specified which Toolset Components are precisely required in the Plugins descriptions, documentation and even as a warning when activating any ToolWine plugin while missing Toolset.

The ToolWine Plugins are, as the name origin insinuates, often experimental. Use them at your own risk, as all and every experimental, free software.

ToolWine Plugins always come with Automatic Update Notifications, directly serving updates to your WordPress Dashboard. That’s quite nifty, and I’d like to take the chance to thank Kaspars Dambis who originally seeded the idea and created the first code implementation for the remote update mechanism which is used in TukuToi Automatic Update Notification mechanism (years ago). The current implementation in TukuToi Software is based on Kaspar’s idea and implementation, however, this is basically plain simple WordPress and PHP logic. There are plenty of tutorials out there if you’re keen to know how it works, and I might publish one here soon.

Every ToolWine plugin is (as all TukuToi Software) also created with didactic purposes in mind and can be used to actually learn PHP, WordPress API, Toolset and more.

ToolWine Plugins are created and maintained by TukuToi, please refrain from posting to Toolset Support in case you need help with ToolWine Software.
You can always use the related GitHub issue trackers instead.

If you’re confused what’s what refer to below Logos, differentiating Toolset (by OnTheGoSystems) from ToolWine (by TukuToi)


by OnTheGoSystems


by TukuToi

ToolWine Logo