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Will AI Replace Bloggers? A Question Worth Asking!

Written By Ehsan Ul Haq on August 21, 2021 at 4:39 pm
AI has revolutionized modern technology in a way nothing has done this before. It can not only solve your problems but it also has become your assistant like Alexa or many other products.  Before getting into the details, let’s discuss why people are using or intend to use AI? It’s really hard to write the content. There is no doubt that quality content needs a lot of time, effort, and research. When people or companies want to have a lot more content in a small span of time, they are exploring ways to find a cheap resource to provide bulk content.  So moving towards AI has increased since ever. But the question arises here: will AI replace content writers and bloggers? My answer here is; not really or not very soon. 

Difference between a Writer and an AI Content Creator:

The passionate writers are really not worried about AI as they know their worth. AI can’t write everything from its real context. It can’t produce quality content that is reliable and builds authority among readers.  Having said that, what if we generate a piece of content that AI has written/ How would a general reader differentiate or how would a client know whether a human has written it or it is AI’s masterpiece? Here’s the deal. AI lacks human skills. It is improving day by day and it will surely write flawless content one day, but still, humans will check it, read it and proofread it.  AI generates robotic content as it works on databases. It can understand a query, process the data, and create and rephrase the content of the database. A noob can’t have a clue about AI content but an expert can. How? From the intention and human factors. 

Human skills:

A human brain is way more powerful than a computer. It is said so because humans can think, see, listen, experience, relate, and explain. AI will only perform the task that has been fed in the database. Humans have the following superiorities over AI when it comes to writing:
  1. Creativity of humans AI can process the data and give an output with strong grammar and vocabulary but it can’t really create something. Nature has created a human with the beautiful power of creativity. A human brain can think, understand and create.
  2. Variety of content AI can follow the patterns and is getting better about predictions and suggestions but it has not mastered human skills yet. A human can’t write robotically so every piece of content comes with a different structure, tone, vocabulary, and length of sentence. This variation is a specialty that AI lacks.
  3. Passion and emotions Sometimes when we read a book, novel or an autobiography, or a script, we feel that the writer has written our story. We laugh and cry with it and it leaves a long-lasting effect on us. These types of scripts show the depth, passion, and love of writing a writer has while writing. But when AI writes, it looks boring, emotionless and it does not touch our hearts. So whatever way you program an AI to process the data to make content, it can’t bring love, passion, emotions, and sentiments to engage the readers.
  4. Empathy and Love A robot is fast, super-efficient, and accurate in work but it can’t have empathy. It can’t think from a user’s perspective. Humans can feel and empathize with their readers and clients. So AI can’t replace the human interface in writing.
  5. Experience and judgment
Just imagine if you can replace your passion for traveling just by seeing the beautiful places on the internet. Likewise, the real experience can’t be replaced by the data processors. How can you feel the beauty of nature, the breeze of morning, the blow of wind, and the tranquility of the water? The experience and the judgment can’t come out of AI as it does from humans. 

How AI can work for Writers?

So there is no doubt that it is increasing day by day and its business is going to hit $190 billion by 2025 so how can writers and bloggers benefit from this skyrocketed industry.  Bloggers and writers must understand that AI is doing and will be doing half of their work in the future, so how this can help them grow and build their business instead of getting replaced.
  • Crafting new ideas AI can help you craft new ideas on a topic. It can give you a jumpstart when you feel writer’s block. You can edit the written content for further improvements.
  • Making the first draft or outline With precise input and little more effort in the data, AI can produce a good quality first draft or outline on a long or boring topic. You can later give it your own style in a human manner.
  • Increasing efficiency by 50% As content writing is a lengthy and boring process. An AI can create a pretty handsome amount of work within a short period of time. You can spend your time inline editing and shaping the final draft. It can increase your productivity.
So writers and bloggers must make use of AI instead of getting obsessed with it. AI can’t replace the writers but can assist the writers to speed up their work by eliminating long hours of research.  Future lies in the hands of those talented writers who can adapt to any situation and know how to work smartly with these tools. 


So to summarize, I have a personal understanding that maybe in near future AI will get smart enough to write some pieces of quality content for certain topics that don’t require empathy. Also, the black hat SEO lovers prefer sticking to artificially generated content and the blogs that share these tricks.  In my opinion, quality content takes time, effort, and energy to put together all the useful information according to the readers’ search intent.  Artificial intelligence can learn from trends and patterns but it can’t understand the buyer’s persona.  The bloggers, SEO businesses, and digital marketing companies who want to earn higher rankings and authority will always require high-quality original content written with empathy and instincts.   
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