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Difference Between PHP And WordPress- Which One You Should Choose?

Being a developer makes me feel amazing when my clients ask me why we use the fully custom site when WordPress is ready to use themes?

What is the difference between PHP and WordPress sites, although WordPress is PHP-based too?

This I think made me come to the blogpost idea of telling you the difference between PHP and WordPress sites.

When we start looking for a particular idea, we might not have it in the first place.

I give a tip to all of my clients, friends and followers that keep a Journal to have the record of the ideas you might collect. If you see anything digital, just take a screenshot and save it in the library for future use. 

As many people and entrepreneurs are making their online presence, they look for web development and the ideas, tactics, and strategies they can use themselves on their websites. I have seen people liking and disliking many things about their websites, no matter what features they have used via PHP or WordPress. 

So there is a need to understand the clear difference between a fully custom website and ready-to-use WordPress theme-based sites.

Genuinely both have a huge difference, and so the applications are different in many ways. 

You can make fantastic web-based products depending upon your requirements, choices, and type of business. 

So if you know your requirements, , there is no need for discussion, and you can quickly go and get what you want. But how do you know which one is better for your business/product and how to choose? These things are essential for anyone starting his online presence.

What Is WordPress?

It is the hardest thing for a developer to sum up WordPress in a few lines but let me try to give a general idea of WordPress and its functionality. 

WordPress is a CMS-Content management system- that manages your content in layout and presents it. Technically speaking,, it has custom-made themes and plugins that you can use to increase your site’s functionality and workability.

what is wordpress

WordPress has hundreds of free and premium versions of themes and plugins that enhance user-friendliness and your site’s ability to work better. You can make your website work for you without having any technical expertise in web development. 

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So versatility and easy-to-use features make WordPress popular among the users, and even enterprise sites use this CMS for their business. 

What Is PHP Framework?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, which is a scripting language used for general purposes. It is versatile and vastly used for web development because it can be embedded in HTML.

To understand PHP frameworks, working knowledge of coding may benefit you to know its functionality and use. 

what is php framework

PHP is one of the top programming languages that we can use to develop our websites, tools, and many other applications. 

All the WordPress websites are PHP based, and PHP powers WordPress. The in-depth details are handled through PHP frameworks at any WordPress website, but to have a clear understanding, a comparison is needed. I have written some of the differences which I come across while offering WordPress development services.

 WordPress Vs PHP Which One is Better?

So after you have got a clear understanding of the definitions of the duo, let me illustrate the main differences for your complete understanding. Knowing these differences can give you a better idea of which one to choose.


What if your million dollar project or business website goes into the wrong hands? So security is the most important thing and CMS is best when it comes to security. WordPress is the safest solution to have a secure business profile/blog or digital products. You can have multiple errors in PHP frameworks when security is your top concern. 


Everyone can’t learn web development to proceed on their blogs or business websites so a PHP framework website needs a lot of mastery and practice to get started. On the other hand, you can easily customize and give a style and layout to your content. 


Budget is one of the key factors that decide which type of website you can have. If you don’t have a high budget or don’t want to spend on web development, you can opt for an easy peasy WordPress site.

You can have your data presentation on WordPress CMS within the minimum budget but if you buy premium versions, the price may go high. 

Google ranking

WordPress is SEO friendly and Google ranks WordPress sites far quicker than other CMSs. This is the main reason it is so famous among the users. People prefer WordPress websites as compared to PHP frameworks. 

Productivity and Updates

PHP websites have high customization and fast processing but WordPress has promising productivity. 

As you don’t require any HTML coding to work on WordPress, it becomes easy to upload your content, photos, blog posts or update the existing content easily. 

But working on PHP requires coding when someone wants to upload the content. 

User Experience

User experience is the basic thing that a buyer comes to your website for. If you can’t manage giving a good user experience, the reader or buyer will go away from your site increasing the bounce rate. So the platform you are choosing must have a friendly user experience to offer. The quality of the final product is far better in WordPress as compared to PHP frameworks. 

PHP frameworks offer a simple and basic user experience while WordPress have an attractive and eye-catching layout and design to hook your potential client to your website. With the help of advanced features in the premium themes and plugins, you can increase the workability and attraction of your website. 

Final Words

So far I discussed the basic definitions and the differences between PHP frameworks and WordPress. To have a better approach and the idea keep on having your own sample collection. If you like anything, want to have something like a product, just show it to your website developer to work on those frames.

Not everyone learns on the first day and we improve gradually. The real game is to keep learning, improving and going.

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