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Pay What You Can, Get What You Need.

WordPress Themes, Plugins, Know-How And Translation.

At TukuToi, we believe Themes and Plugins should be Free and Open Source forever and everyone.  

Everyone should be able to interact with Code in a Free, Decentralised and Uncapitalised manner according to their abilities and needs, and have the chance to Know How through Open-surce Consultation

Open-source Code And Consultation

Safe and Scalable Software

Starting at the Free Open Source TukuToi always follows scalable and safe standards, preferably relying on existing, well-established Frameworks and APIs, rather than implement things from scratch or using direct access to data.

TukuToi will build for and in Open Source Frameworks and CMS only, like WordPress or Bootstrap

The Free Open Source Code is not precisely doing what you are looking for, or you don’t have the time or knowledge to make it do what you expect?

TukuToi can implement Customisations to your Theme or Plugin and specialised Applications at fair prices, or Consult the best approach and assist along the path

Personalized Themes and Plugins

Swiss Quality Standards

Free Open Source or Personalized Services made and offered by TukuToi is assessed with Swiss Quality Standards and a healthy amount of pride in our work.

The Timely Delivery of High-Quality Services is the foundation of every solid Partnership.

TukuToi can provide Quality Services at Fair and Personalized Fees. We’re not on a spurt to become the World’s next most profitable Boom, neither do we need to support costly Corporate Offices in an Offshore Paradise or hundreds of employees paid for idle

At TukuToi you Pay What You Can and Get What You Need.

Do you have a great Idea or Project and need Help creating the Software?

TukuToi Fair Prices


We at TukuToi can help you building Toolset Based WebSites, develop custom components and  create Add-On applications for Toolset.

With over 6 years (and counting) experience in using Toolset, supporting users and building professional Toolset Based WebSites for a growing number of happy Customers, we can boldly state:

TukuToi is THE Toolset Contractor! 



Toolset Add-Ons

ToolWine Logo
The Ultimate Toolset AddOns!
Minima X-1 | Minimal, Dynamic WordPress Theme Integrating Toolset Layouts, Bootstrap ready, with Automatic Updates
Minima X1 – The ONLY Toolset Layouts Ready Theme!


Years Of Toolset Community Support!