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Do You Need Help or Expertise?

Is editing Source Code not Your Thing? Are you in a tight Time Schedule and need to deliver a fully scalable and safe solution fast to your Clients?

Maybe you want to incorporate the Software found on TukuToi unbranded and royalty free in your Clients Projects after customizing it as per your Projects requirements?

Or eventually you need some training on any WordPress Plugin, Theme or their creation and maintenance?

How ToCreate full Favicon Package for a website

Add complete Favicon Set to your WordPress Website

RealFaviconGenerator is a great service that allows you to upload an image to generate a Favicon Set with.

After uploading your Image, you can adjust several settings of several favicon implementations, amongst others:

  • Favicon for Desktop Browsers and Google Result Pages
  • Favicon for iOS – Web Clip, as well as for Android Chrome

You can adjust settings ranging from Version Refresh Rate (useful when you update the Favicon) up to granular control over Favicons in different iOS versions, along with (of course) having full control over the Favicon appereance

The preview is updated live, so you can make changes and immediately see the effects in the previews.

Once you’re happy with all settings and looks, at the page bottom you can “Generate your Favicons and HTML code”.

This will generate your Favicons and create a downloadable package, along with some instructions to follow in order to deploy this in any kind of Website (the instructions range from HTML5 to ASP.net)…

For a WordPress Website, we can use the HTML5 approach. Once downloaded the package, uploads its contents to your WordPress Instals Root Folder (If your site is http://www.example.com, you should be able to access a file named http://www.example.com/favicon.ico.)

Then, add the lines to your Theme’s header.php within the <head> section, as the instructions will outline.