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How to Write SEO-friendly Content?

Written By Chahat Sharma on June 4, 2021 at 12:59 pm

Are you starting up with a new company or business website and want the best SEO-friendly content? If so, then you are in the right place. Today you will get to know how to write SEO-friendly content that will make your website rank high.

SEO & content marketing always go hand-in-hand. The Blog posts & the custom content generates up to 3 times the leads as the other forms that include marketing & content costs that is 62% less. We will help you know how you will gain more natural traffic to your site.

SEO algorithms prioritize the content which is helpful, relevant, & authoritative to any user’s search. So now the question can be, how can you start creating SEO-friendly content? You just don’t need to worry, as you will be getting answers to all these questions shortly.

Search Engines & Keyword Selection

Whenever the SEO crawlers try to read your content, they search for the keywords, so the keywords are very important. By using keywords, you are able to get more natural traffic to your site.

Moreover, the Keywords are the words & phrases that most people use to search any of the topics. If you want to get readers interested in the services you provide, the content needs to include the keywords that the users use in the searching process.

We wrote here about how to choose the best Keywords for your content, in order to rank higher on Search Engines like Google.

Tips to write SEO friendly content:

It is very easy to know & understand the need for SEO (search engine optimization) friendly content. However, it acts as a great challenge to generate the content which ranks very high on algorithms of search engines. So, here are some of the tips that will help to write SEO (search engine optimization) optimized content.

  • Estimate the Content-Type & Research Keywords are relevant: The very first step includes identification of the content & assign it as a category. You can find a lot of content types on the web. This makes it really important to come out in the category that suits the best to your industry content.

    After a proper theme for your content that is estimated, now comes the time of research. Let us take an example, if the content type is more related to lifestyle & beauty, then keywords that are relevant for the content can be travel, fashion, make-up, decor, design, etc.
  • Determine an Appropriate Length Content: It is important to Set your content length as this determines higher listing. Having an appropriate length of content varies from one content to another.

Let us take an example, the word count for a typical lifestyle blog should be about 600 to 800 words, and the word count of a good infographic blog should be about 1000 to 1600 words.

  • Have a very Catchy Title: The Titles are something that always attracts the users. The content title gives one of the first impressions of any content, and it has to be engaging, relevant, and related to the content. Ensuring that the title is not more than 60 characters & has a target keyword at the very beginning is crucial for listing higher.

    Making use of certain words & phrases has shown ranking improvements on various search engines. The phrases include; “top 10”, “the best”, “Tips for”, “how-to”, etc. Moreover, having a good subtitle should also help you in catching the attention of the user.
  • Formation of Your Content: Content formation or structure becomes an essential part of the listing of the content since Google updated the algorithm of listing structure.

    For increasing the probability of getting more customers, it is very crucial to keep the paragraphs easy & short for the users to retain them. The heading should be appropriate that can help you in the content listing.
  • Write Shareable and High-Quality Content: The produced content should be of high quality & should be shareable to your reader. This will help in generating revenue as well as give them exposure so as to share the content.

    A better way to improve the content quantity is through the transition words because these help the readers to get information easily so as to understand the relationship b/w different paragraphs or sentences. Some of the examples of transition words are; “however”, “additionally”, “for example”, “in short”, “similarly”, etc.
  • Optimize the Associated Images: Optimizing images that are related to the content is one of the best ways to connect the readers & get points across. SEO algorithms can’t make it possible to interpret the text in the images. But, it may interpret the images’ relevance that is related to your content.

    Moreover, this is also done with components like titles, image captions, Alt text & file names etc. These are components that are not known to the readers but to an algorithm. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to use the relevant keywords for the titles of the content.

    For example, in travel article, if you want to include pictures of Mountains during the sunset, you need to write the Alt text the same as the following:
    <img src = “Mountains.jpg” alt = “Mountains Sunset”/>
  • Make SEO friendly Meta Descriptions: Meta descriptions are the content descriptions that will show up the results of search engines with the content title. Typical meta descriptions include 155 to 160 characters that use the most relevant keywords that will be included in the meta description.
  • How To Do On-Page SEO For Content: Include the Related Links as well as Links to the Previous Articles that will increase your content’s credibility. It is necessary to make a link between your other articles as this will make the recent content stronger in the reader’s eyes. This is also called internal linking, and it does not just help the reader navigate the website but helps the content listing to also rank higher.


So as to conclude, we can say that search engine optimization(SEO) greatly benefits your content writing and gives excellent ROIs to the business. However, if we talk about the best method for instant & sustainable growth of SEO content is the use of SEO services that are provided by the experts who are good in procuring the original, high-quality content along with a great shareability factor. So, what are you waiting for? Just follow these steps and make your website reach out to your decided goals.

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