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Blocs | The Ultimate Mac Website Builder

Blocs | The Ultimate Mac Website Builder

Blocs is an amazing tool for Mac Users. It allows you to quickly and easily build an entire Website (Static HTML) or even a full-fledged WordPress Theme within a few hours.

The App is unique in how it works and what it does. While WordPress (and Mac App Store) are cluttered with heavy weight, bloated and difficult to use – or not evolved enough and easy to use Plugins and Apps that help you build Websites, Blocs is bringing some fresh air to this already overstuffed market.

You all know probably Elementor, which is per se a great tool, and probably the only (widely used) builder out there that comes close to a Theme Builder, but have you seen Elementor’s HTML? It looks like an overcooked Spaghetti plate. Have you ever tried to disable Elementor after Building your amazing site with it? Right, you can’t. It is a lock in situation, you either keep Elementor or you will have to rebuild your site.

This is not any different with any other Page, Theme or Website Builder out there, wether Plugin or App. They all lock you in, once you used their Software, you cannot disable it, or you will lose all the things you built with it.

Additionally all the solutions usually charge you subscription based every year a hefty fee, to keep the Plugin updated and secure. And did I mention that you cannot remove the plugin after you built your site? Even worse, the HTML source code will tell everyone what builder you used. This is not only a concern for designers who may not necessarily want to communicate to everyone that they use a Builder, it is also a Security issue, because bots and hackers will scan the web for Websites built with (perhaps) vulnerable tools, and having a class named after the plugin or app used in the Source HTML will tell them what you use.

Blocs does not charge you every year. It is a one off payment.
Blocs does not require you to keep the app, or any plugin, to have your site running. After you built the site you basically could delete and never use the App again, if you want so.
Blocs does not use a messy HTML with lots of nested classes, custom elements and what not. I uses clean and standard HTML with Bootstrap.

With Blocs, you can not only build a website or WordPress theme using a nice and intuitive drag and drop interface, Developers can hook in and add Custom Code (PHP, HTML, JS, CSS – you name it) right within the builder’s interface. You can optimise scripts with the click of a button, populate sections dynamically with WordPress (or custom) data. If you want you can even create your own custom elements to be re-used, inclusive Templates, within the App itself. So if you get tired of selling Websites or WordPress themes, you could always chime into the market of Blocs “Add-On” elements and make a living selling those.

One of the best things with Blocs is the community around it. It has one of the most active Forums we have ever seen, where users help other users, and even the Founder of Blocs will from time to time hop in and interact in the forums. This is unique, again, and not seen anywhere else.

All that, for 99 US dollar a live time. You can’t get a better, more professional and both user as well developer oriented Page, Website and Theme Builder out there.

This is probably the best ever all in one solutions we have seen so far to speed up a Website, be it HTML or WordPress, October CMS or Cushy or Surreal (Yes, they are all Supported!)