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MetaBox is a extremely powerful plugin that allows you to create everything starting from Custom Fields, Post Types, Taxonomies and more up to Custom Database Tables, Custom Gutenberg Blocks, Templates, Views and more.

The best thing is, the plugin allows to generate Code signatures of the content types created, so actually you can generate all Post Types, Taxonomies, Fields, and whatnot with the plugin, then just copy paste the generated PHP code into a theme or plugin, and that’s it!

There will be no annoying backend screens where your clients can go and mess around with your carefully prepared content settings, and additionally it removes all the bloat other such Plugins add to the WordPress Installs, since it simply won’t require any GUI!

The plugin allows to create Fields and Post Types with all possible settings and whistles one could wish for, but that’s not all. You can create even Custom Blocks! This is an extremely powerful feature for those who don’t want to write and learn REACT, but are versed enough in PHP, to write their full custom Gutenberg Blocks!

MetaBox also has add-ons that let you create custom database tables, and to save custom data to those tables, and it integrates with search plugins to actually query that data! How amazing is that. I know no other plugin that allows that.

Remember Toolset’s Post Relationships? Well, they can’t help you create relationships to Taxonomies or Users, right? MetaBox does! You can create a single, multiple or even reciprocal relationship with a few clicks, no bloat, no slowness, and best: you can relate anything, users, posts or terms.

As if it wouldn’t be enough it also features a Forms AddOn to allow you to. create front end forms (complete with error messaging, validation, etc) for the Fields and Post types created.

Finally it includes a templating engine, that lets you create full custom PHP, HTML, or Twig templates in the backend, and then assign those to specific locations, post types, archives and so on.

It is the only still remaining “All In One” solution to develop websites out there, specially after Toolset “deprecated” their Layouts and Views Plugin (they put it in legacy and won’t add new features).

Elementor is a huge waste of love, given the HTML mess it produces, while it is nice, it isn’t professional.

MetaBox solves all these problems, elegantly closing the gap between raw developer world of code and nice GUI environments for non-developers, leaving space to breathe for both, and specially: they do not think to know what is best for you, instead, they listen to the clients and make what they say is best.

I refer with this to the impossible and annoying approach of most other WordPress Plugins where their Developers and Hosses say “we think this is the best way”, and then develop a crappy add-on on a crappy feature like all these Blocks oriented “kitchen” plugins. MetaBox allows you to use both! the new fancy world of blocks, and also the old robust world of PHP.

Last but not least: The only plugin still available in LifeTime Bundle! Hit now before it is too late!